✿Chapter 26: Rescuing Corona✿

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The group of you hid behind some crates and barrels to check out the ship that was going to be taking off soon, "There's enough Quirineon on that ship to destroy Corona 10 times over." Varian said, you could hear the fear in his voice.

"Is there anything you can do?" Rapunzel asked.

Varian nodded, "If you can get me on that ship, I can neutralize it." You glanced over and spotted Andrew guiding your parents to a carriage.

"Take them to the outskirts of Corona to watch their kingdom fall." Andrew said grabbing onto a net full of barrels and getting pulled up, "Once it's done, get rid of them." He finished. Kai flipped the reigns and the horse pulled the carriage away.

"Eugene, I need you guys to free my parents," Rapunzel said, turning to him, Lance, and Maximus.

Eugene nodded, "You heard her, boys. Let's go." They all shared a look before running, following in the direction that Kai had just gone.

Andrew reached up and swung his sword, cutting the rope holding the ship down, "For Saporia!" He said. The ship started floating upwards.

"We've gotta go!" You said standing up.

Varian quickly grabbed your shoulders, "No, not you." He gestured to your broken arm, "You're injured."

Your frowned, "You literally can't stop me." Varian's eyebrows furrowed, he pressed his lips together before letting out a sigh.

"Uhg, fine!" He threw his hands up in the air, "But if you get hurt again," He gestured to you, "Don't say I didn't tell you so."

You shrugged, "Okay. I won't." You said before grabbing onto Rapunzel who had already wrapped her hair around a part of the ship.

She wrapped a loop around you and then Varian, pulling you two close and off the ground as the ship went up. You all sat, waiting for a barrel to drop. One soon was tossed over the side of the ship. Rapunzel looped her hair and tossed it to Varian who lassoed the barrel, making sure it never hit the ground.

Rapunzel quickly climbed up her hair, pulling all of you with her, you were absolutely shocked at her upper body strength. The three of you hopped over the side of the ship, the barrel hitting the wooden floor.

"Drop something?" Rapunzel asked.

The Saporians spun around, "YOU!" Andrew said.

Rapunzel turned to Varian, "Varian, get your alchemy belt and neutralize the Coronion--"

"I-- I-- Quirineon, Rapunzel. Say it with me. Quiri--" He was cut off by Juniper trying to punch him, he dodged out of the way quickly. Rapunzel grabbed Juniper with her hair, stopping him in his tracks. Maisie rushed forward, swinging her sword at Rapunzel, the blonde redirected the attacks with her hair. You looked around, it was in moments like this where having that dagger, that Cassandra gave you, would be helpful. You spotted some weapons sitting in a barrel and grabbed a sword, you were at a disadvantage because you only had one arm available but luckily you had been trained on how to swordfight from the Captain of the guard.

You quickly pulled a sword out of the barrel and held it forward noticing Andrew running right towards you and Rapunzel, "This is the last time you--" He was cut off by a chemical bomb exploding right in front of him. His sword dusted away.

Varian chuckled, "Not bad for an alchemist, ey?" Varian asked, spinning another chemical bomb on his finger. Varian bounced it on the ground a few times, you rolled your eyes. The glass bomb hit him in the face and made him drop a few other chemical bombs, "Oh, my fault!" One of the chemical bombs broke, causing Pascal to be caught in a bubble and float up in the air. More broke and Rapunzel's foot was caught in a bubble, "Ow, that was on me!"

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