chapter 7

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The sound of a car horn alerted Xiao that Saturday morning, he runs outside to find a black SUV with Venti in the passenger's seat waving to him and a blonde woman in the driver's seat.

The back window rolls down to find Kazuha and Aether waving at him.

Xiao grinds his teeth, what the hell are they doing here?

He goes over and opens the back door, Aether scoots over to the middle and Xiao sits down where he sat.

"Hi Xiao!" Venti smiles brightly at him.

Xiao gives a small smile in return, "Hi Venti,"

The blonde woman in the driver's seat adjusts her rear view mirror to look Xiao in the eyes, "Ah so you're Xiao, it's nice to meet you. I'm Jean, Venti's manager,"

He blinks, he knows that his manager chewed him out about him. It just made him all the more nervous.

"So where are we going," Aether asks.

"We're going to a local photography place downtown, we will have makeup and outfits done there," Jean replies.

The drive over was calm and relaxing, although Xiao could feel the tension between him and Venti's manager, it was like an angry parent was watching him.

When they pulled up to the building and walked inside, they were immediately greeted by a man.

"Oh welcome! My name is Xu, are you here for your 12 o'clock appointment?"

"Yes," Jean nods.

"Right this way then!" The man leads them to a back room that had a singular beige backdrop with three stools in the middle of it.

He led them to a rack of clothes against the wall. There were 4 outfits, three of them were the same black slacks with a black blazer and a white shirt. One of them was a white blouse with buttons on the forearms and frilly bits on the end of the sleeves with a brown corset with gold accents and teal shorts with gold accents to match.

Xu handed out the outfits, Kazuha, Aether, and Xiao with the all black, and Venti with the white blouse outfit.

Xiao raises a brow, everyone else seems ok with this, except for him. He started internally panicking, he really didn't want to have pictures taken of him, but he couldn't bring himself to tell Venti that. Venti quickly took notice of Xiao's discomfort.

"Hey Xiao, are you ok?" Venti puts his hand on his shoulder.

Xiao just nods.

Venti giggles, "It's ok to be nervous, I was nervous on my first photoshoot too, but I'm super happy that you're here," Venti smiles.

Xiao tenses up, that smile was going to be the end of him, he couldn't say no to him after he said that.

"Follow me to the fitting rooms, now there's only two so you'll have to take turns," Xu leads them to the fitting room.

"No need, two can share, we need to be done soon because I have a meeting at two," Jean responds.

Kazuha whispers something in Aether's ear, he nods and they head into the fitting room together. That just leaves Venti and Xiao, Venti groans and whispers something under his breath that Xiao couldn't quite hear.

In the fitting room, Xiao turns away from Venti, avoiding all eye contact as possible. Venti quickly got dressed but was stuck on his corset.

"Hey Xiao, can you help me tighten this corset?"

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