Chapter 9.5

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Once Xiao got out of the shower Venti couldn't stand how different he was acting,he wasn't sure if Xiao was mad,sad,even just plain drunk and tired. *look at me being energized enough to use correct punctuation my first grade teacher would be proud*😍
"Hey Xiao are you feeling okay?" "You drink a lot right?" "I haven't lately but usually I do why?" "My head hurts" "You probably drank too much why did you drink in the first place you hate alcohol" "I needed to go out and do something" "The legal drinking age isn't any better here than in Mondstadt" "Huh?" "Nothing just lay down I'll get you some water" "I don't need it" "You said your head hurts, and Sayu starts school soon not to mention you have an audition to attend to" "I can skip it" "You can't and I won't let you so please just let me get you some water to help you feel somewhat better" Xiao groaned as Venti walked out of their bedroom and into the kitchen.
"Is he feeling any better?" "Kazuha?!" "My apologies I didn't mean to scare you but you left your window open so I came in to make sure nothing happened to Sayu" "Oh uh thank you" Venti got a glass and filled it with water. "So is he feeling better?" "Yes uh how exactly did you know he was drunk?" "How do you think he got home? He was drunk there's no way he was going to drive back" "Why were you at a bar?" Venti walked into the bathroom and put one of Xiao's pills in the water and waited for it to dissolve a bit."Aether" "Aether drinking? That's surprising, well I should probably get this to Xiao" Kazuha nodded his head as Venti quickly went back to his room.
"Why'd you take so long?" "Oh I was talking to Kazuha, here just drink it" Xiao looked at the glass for a second "You didn't put anything in here did you?" "No of course not what would I even put in there?" Xiao shrugged his shoulders and drank it "You put my medication in here?" "No why'd you ask?" "It's something you would do" "Ouch you think I'd do something like that?"
it was in fact something he would do and did do does Xiao know? No he doesn't.

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