Chapter 15

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Narrators POV

America, oh sweet lovely America. Where peace surrounds everyone in every way, shape, and form

Yea the fuck not

No peace nothing, because here Karma and her Crew stood. Just getting off a plane and the first thing to greet them were gunshots


Liv started to look around trying to find where her little bundle of joy went

She was just by my side, where did she go?

"Mama look what I goch" Liv turned around to see Valerie running up to her with a...


A/N What a good mother eh?

Shut the hell up Shauna!

She quickly made her way towards her and slowly took the handgun away from her tiny hands

"Valerie Hunny, where did you get this from?" She asked still dazed at the fact a toddler had a gun

She pointed to a crewmate of Liv's  dead body and then started laughing at his laying position

"Valerie sweetie you can't wander off like that ok?" Liv said turning back her attention to the toddler

She nodded her head while bobbing up on down on her feet

"Now I'm gonna need you to put on these and follow mommy out of the plane, we're gonna play a fun game" the older woman assured her daughter while handing her a pair of earbuds that was already connected to her phone

Valerie immediately started jumping up and down cheering

"Ready?" The brunette asked as she finished placing the earbuds in her daughter's ears

She didn't answer but instead started to Bob her head to the music beat. Liv took the silence as her cue to go

The brunette stood mighty with a cute peckish little toddler clinging onto her for composure

The woman then fixated the handgun the toddler gave her; fitting it perfectly in her hand

Shots were heard from both gangs along with screams of terror from airport guest

Blood everywhere staining the ground with its, dark color pouring more and more from every dropping body

People continued to scream and hustle out of the airport as the two opposing sides battled

If was a dirty blood war

Liv took shallow steps continuing to walk out of the plane.

As Liv step foot out of the bulleted plane she caught a figure in the corner of her eye trying to slash at her. She immediately twisted and dodged the slash delivering a quick shot to the person's shoulder.

The body dropped to the ground as the brunette took a quick look at the toddler still trained in her arms listening to music with a small smile on her face.

Karma quickly turned her attention back to the war in front of her.

With her quick reflexes, Karma dodged a bullet coming to her a full speed, by a Meer inch.

With a flip of her gun, She delivered a headshot to her opponent.

The brunette watched as the woman dropped to the ground with a satisfied smirk plastered on her face.

Pointing to a random enemy Karma steadied her gun ready to deliver a deadly shot.

She pulled the trigger Ready to hear the bang of her gun, but silence followed. She was empty.

"Fuck!" Karma groaned throwing up her free hand in the air.

She took one last look at her toddler to see her sleeping while snoring softly.

Liv heard a click and immediately snapped her neck to the source of the sound.

There in all his glory stood an elderly man pointing a gun straight at Liv's head, ready to shoot at any moment.

A loud engine was heard followed by the bang of a gun.

"Get the fuck in" A furious Ace barked.

Liv looked at her surroundings and to the little toddler sleeping in her hand before letting out a deep sigh.

"What's gonna happen to my team?"

Ace rolled his eyes angrily at Karmas's question with a shallow sigh.

"I got backup now get the fuck in before someone tries to shoot you"

At the mention of a shot, a gun sounded having Liv duck her head only to miss the shot instantly.

Liv didn't bother looking around to find the source of the shot but instead jogged to the passenger side of Ace's car.

"Who's kid is that and why would you carry her on a mission?!" He charged furiously as Karma entered the car

Yes, he doesn't know about Valerie. No one does to be precise.

As said before Liv kept her pregnancy a secret. She wasn't afraid of being judged she just wanted to keep Val safe seeing as she's in the mafia and being in the mafia is a big risk.

 "Stop asking fucking questions and just go" She barked at him

A/N woof woof bitch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"Wait how the fuck did you get in here, there's no other way in more than-" Livs eyes shot up to Ace in horror as she registered what he did

Ace smirked and averted his eyes in front of him.

"You fucking idiotic psychopath" she shouted as she brought the seatbelt around both her and Valerie.

Still smirking Ace stepped on the gas at full speed with his hands gripped tightly around the steering wheel.

The car speed of in the direction of the airport doors, with people running out of the way as it drove in full speed.

Liv gripped Valerie tightly while bracing herself against the car seat.

Driving straight through the airport Ace held his smirk laughing here and there at Livs reaction when he turned corners.

Liv come in, do you hear me?

"Karma" Liv snapped as she touched the little earpiece 

"Wait your names Liv?" Ace asked bewildered at the new information he just found out

"Yes but its Karma to you" The brunette snapped making Ace chuckle softly at her reaction

"Anything you say, Liv" He mocked

Oh fuck me

Had no motivation in writing this chapter🙃

I defo need to learn how to write fighting scenes better, because that was hella cringe.

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