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Babysitting Part 3
(Y/N) let out a yawn as she, Grim, and Raichu headed back to their dorm. It had been a long day and she was ready for a nice nap.
"I don't get why you're so tired." Grim teased. "I feel fine."
"Maybe because I actually stay awake during Professor Trein's class."
"I still don't understand how you do that. He's so boring!"
"It's called discipline. Maybe if you had some, we wouldn't have had the Octavinelle incident."
As the two dorm mates bickered, the girl accidentally bumped into a familiar tall figure.
"Oh, hi Shrimpy. Earless seal." Floyd greeted with his usual sharp toothed grin.
Grim yelped and leapt to Raichu, who he hoped Floyd feared. (Y/N) smiled back.
"Hi Floyd." She then noticed a small covered pot in his arms. "Whatcha got there?"
His grin became wider. "Oh you're going to love this!"
He took off the cover and had (Y/N) peer into the pot. Her (E/C) eyes were met by a pair of tear filled blue ones. Inside the pot was a young octopus mermaid, a bit on the chubby side, but all too familiar.
She blinked, then twice, then looked up at the grinning eel. "Floyd, is that Azul as a toddler?"
"Yup! He had an accident brewing potions this morning. Jade told me to take him to Professor Crewel, but he's so cute I thought I'd just wait for it to wear off."
The petrified face of the toddler and Floyd's... just Floyd, was enough to activate some maternal instincts within (Y/N). Now, it wasn't that (Y/N) didn't trust Floyd to handle small children, she had seen how good he was with them during Halloween. It was that she absolutely could not trust him with this small child in particular. She put on a fake grin.
"Hey Floyd, I'm sure your brother is swamped with dorm duties being the vice dorm leader and all, so the Monstro Lounge is probably backed up. How about I take Azul and you can go talk to Professor Crewel then go help them out?"
"Hm? You sure, Shrimpy? I've been having plenty of fun with baby Azul! Right, Azul?"
The little octopus gave a timid nod, not looking happy at all.
"It's no trouble! I did take care of Riddle and Leona when they got it, so I'm a pro by now."
"...okay!" He shoved the pot into her arms. "I was getting tired of carrying that anyway. I don't want him to get mad when he turns back because I didn't work today. Have fun, Shrimpy!"
"We will!" As soon as he was out of sight, she let out a sigh of relief. "Thank Arceus he gave up instantly."
"Why did you do that though!?" Grim protested as he jumped to her shoulder. "I don't want to look after the dumb octopus!"
Azul let out a tiny sob and (Y/N) glared at the cat.
The electric mouse immediately zapped Grim, who fell face first to the floor.
(Y/N) stepped past him unconcerned and cooed at the sobbing Azul. "Don't listen to a word that mean fleabag says, Azul. He's just jealous he's not nearly as cute as you!"
"Y-you." He was struggling between sobbing and hiccups. "Yo-you don't think I'm ugly?"
"Of course not! You're one of the cutest things I've ever seen! And I've seen some pretty cute things in my life! Come on, let's go have some fun."
Followed by her Pokémon, (Y/N) carried the baby octopus towards her dorm, leaving Grim still passed out in the hall.
(Y/N) brought Azul to the lake (ignore the whole freshwater and saltwater thing) as her Pokémon all gathered around to see the little guy. He was a very clingy thing, crying as (Y/N) put him into the water and wrapping his arms and little tentacles around her. Eventually, she gave up trying and just sat in the water with him. The water types were more than happy to entertain him.
Azul stared at Swampert, who had his usual neutral look. (Y/N) chuckled.
"It's okay, sweetie. He's a real softie once you get to know him."
She patted her partner's head as Azul cuddled closer to her chest, hesitant. Swampert leaned in a little closer to sniff him as Azul was still a little scared. Araquanid and Golisopod stood an awkward ways away since if Swampert made the little guy uncomfortable, they'd probably downright terrify him. Luckily, the girl also had Milotic in her ranks. The serpentine Pokémon curled up around her trainer and gaze at the toddler. Azul also stared at her with wide eyes, but this time, they were filled with wonder .
"P-pretty." He said, making grabby hands.
Milotic cooed and lowered her head to be in reach of the boy. Azul pulled back slightly, only for (Y/N) to demonstrate how to pet the Pokémon.
"Like this, sweetie."
(Y/N) gently ran her hand across the top of Milotic's head. Azul mimicked her, though his hand was much more hesitant. Milotic leaned into his pets and nuzzled her face into his cheek. The little octopus giggled happily and held Milotic's cheeks to get more cuddles. (Y/N) bit her lip to keep from squealing.
So cute!
They all began swimming together. Azul was a little curious about her diving masks, but he eventually figured out that she needed it to breathe underwater. Granted this was after he tried to take it off her and nearly drowned her (poor thing was sobbing apologies for an hour). He would blow bubbles at her and happily float around her. They then began to give him little shells or shiny things to play with.
When lunch came around, (Y/N) made a big batch of malasada. Azul was in his octopus pot on the table beside her, one of his tentacles wrapped around her wrist the whole time. When they were done, (Y/N) just pushed the plate towards the boy, who looked at it starry eyed.
"So good!" He cried happily.
He had one in each hand and his cheeks were puffed up like a Greedent. (Y/N) just smiled happily as he looked so cheerful.
(Y/N) sat on the couch with the octopus pot in her lap. Luxray was laying next to her and Azul was hugging Shinx as (Y/N) recounted stories about the many legendary Pokémon from her world.
"And then, Rayquaza appeared to me, and roared and I knew I had to fight him to prove my worth!"
Azul looked like he was on the edge of his seat.
"Where you scared?"
"Of course! I had never fought such a powerful Pokémon before, but I knew that my Pokémon could do it. Swampert and I fought for what felt like forever, but eventually, Rayquaza bowed to me and let me ride him. We then rode into the atmosphere and Rayquaza mega evolved and smashed through the meteor!"
"But just when I thought it was over, a Pokémon appeared from the fragments of the meteor. Deoxys, a mysterious Pokémon from space few people had ever seen before. It was angry and attacked us!"
"Oh no! What did you do?"
"Well luckily, I had Rayquaza on my side. He was tired from our fight and breaking through the meteor, but we fought through it and somehow chased Deoxys away."
"Why didn't you catch it?" Azul asked innocently.
(Y/N) smiled and scratched Luxray's head. "Because I like making friends with my Pokémon. I knew Deoxys wouldn't be happy with me, and it only attacked us because it thought we were attacking it."
"Oh, then what about Rayquaza."
"I go visit him sometimes. He usually seems happy to see me, but someone has to protect the skies above Hoenn."
"Do you think I could see Rayquaza?"
She chuckled and ruffled his hair. "Maybe someday, sweetie."
It was evening and Azul was fast asleep with his head against (Y/N)'s chest when there came a knock at the door. With the pot in her arms, she opened the door to see Jade.
The elder Leech nodded politely. "Good evening, Ms Stone. I've come to collect Azul so Professor Crewel can undo the effects of the potion. I must thank you for looking after him." Jade's expression became a bit more nervous. "I...reluctantly allowed Floyd to watch him, but I was very relieved to hear you volunteered to watch over Azul."
"Oh it was no trouble." She smiled sweetly at the toddler, who was still sleeping. "He's a very sweet boy."
Jade nodded. "Thank you. I must express my gratitude."
Slowly, (Y/N) handed the pot over to Jade so as to not wake up Azul, who would likely cry and not want to leave. Before they left, she placed a kiss on the top of his head.
"Bye Azul. I'll see you soon."
Azul had returned to normal, retained some of his memories about what happened, and was now breaking down since people had witnessed him in such a pathetic state.
(Y/N) smiled with a sweatdrop, lightly patting the covered pot Azul was hiding in.
"Come on, Azul. It wasn't that bad. You were so cute."
Floyd pouted. "I'm jealous though! You got to play all day with Shrimpy!"
Jade chuckled. "You seemed to have had a good time. You were sleeping so soundly when I picked you up."

All right, looks like the event this time is gonna be Coach Vargas's, so look forward to that folks.

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