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As the sun shined in the sky, the room was filled with their strong waves of laughter, gifting them with a beautiful and lovely morning. Delilah realized what was happening and that quickly caused her to cover up her emotions.

 As she was about to get up he held her hand quickly causing her to get more closer to him in space. She just raised her eyebrows indicating him to talk, not wanting to speak with him any further. He softly said, "will you please make me breakfast?" anxious about how she will react to his request. He didn't like cooking at all although he could cook quite perfectly. 

"Maybe this was just your dumb excuse to talk to her" his mind mocked him but he just ignored it and focused his attention on his wife who looked like she was thinking too much about this.

"Why should I?" she asked a little too aggressive for her liking but she didn't mind, why couldn't he hire maids to make food for them? Does he think that she will fulfill her duties as his wife, oh hell no, she is a busy person and doesn't even have time to eat at times so how did he even think she would cook for him.

"Well because you are my wife, aren't wives supposed to do these kinds of things?" he said before he could even think about what he said. He quickly covered his mouth with both his hands in horror and regret. He was never the type of guy who thought stuff like this, he knew that it was their own choice and if they didn't want to cook, that's completely fine. He knows it's not an accomplishment and neither he is trying to make it look like one.  

He was going to apologize but when he saw her face, his mind turned blank. He couldn't utter a word and even if he did, it would come off very weak. 'I fucked up real bad didn't I' he thought to himself. Before he could even ponder what was happening he saw her hand raised near his face making him quickly close his eyes waiting for the slap to come.

When nothing happened for the next 10 seconds he opened his eyes and saw that Delilah was taking the bottle of water from his side of the bed. He mentally sighed in relief. "Aren't you angry with me?" he said softly still scared that she might just slap him. You deserve it, his mind mocked him once again.

She closed her eyes sighing and said "No, I didn't expect anything less from you, as I said before- like father, like son" she said calmly but the disappointment and rage could be seen on her face. 

Fair enough, he thought to himself.

"And anyway you have made it pretty clear last night that this marriage is nothing but a deal to you because you pitied me and my dad," she said anger evident in her voice along with an emotion that couldn't be depicted by him.

Flashback- 4 hours before the wedding(yesterday evening)

The wedding was in four hours, and Maxwell Knight was a disaster. In a few hours, his Delilah would become Delilah Knight. It didn't sit well with him for some reason. He felt bad about wrecking her life, but he knew it was only fate at work, as it usually was.

The guilt was killing him, and he had to do something about it. He knew it was wrong but this was the only thing that could help him forget everything just for a moment. 

It was Alcohol.

He walked over to the nearest pub and placed an order for a Martini at the bar. He was gazing at his phone when he suddenly heard a familiar voice, which caused him to frown. He despised the extremely fruity aroma combined with the booze, which made his innards smell like shite. He disliked that person, and when he realized she was approaching him, he sighed inside.

It was none other than Emily James, a fellow member of the Russian Mafia and his so-called "ex-girlfriend".

He has been compelled to date Emily for a few weeks since his father had known Emily liked him for a long time and used that knowledge to negotiate a deal with Emily's father. He broke up with her as soon as the sale was finalized, making it apparent that this was all part of his father's plan.

But alas it was Emily after all, her being the bitch thought that he was in love with her and also sent a proposal to Max's house for marriage which his dad gladly agreed to.

Maxwell finally decided to tell everyone that Emily was pregnant and the dad was unknown. Emily straight up lied saying that it was Maxwell's child but it took just one test to prove that it wasn't his. He never even kissed her how would the child be his.

When he noticed Emily approaching, he simply sipped his Martini and pretended she wasn't there. Her words were slurred, indicating she was already intoxicated, and her breath smelt like onions as she drew closer to him and murmured seductively, "hello max."

He had barely pushed her away when she grabbed him and kissed him passionately, her hands wandering over his body in a way that screamed danger.

Before Maxwell could even do anything, a punch landed on his face pushing him to the floor. 

"You bitch how dare you kiss my girlfriend?" a 20-year-old blond head screamed at him. 

He smirked seeing her new toy of the week. Girlfriend my ass.

Before anything could happen, Maxwell's bodyguard came and kicked them both outside the bar, deaf to their dumb threats and screams.

Emily screamed "I hope your wife enjoys the gift she will be receiving soon" 

This had Maxwell freeze in his spot. No no no I can't lose Delilah again.

He dashed to his car and drove at a breakneck pace, nearly colliding with trees, but did he care? no.

The only thing on his mind was his Delilah.

He stopped believing in God but at that time he was praying to keep Delilah safe.

After 10 minutes, he arrived, and the scene in front of him had his heart pounding and his thoughts frozen.

There stood his Delilah covered in Red.

-Flashback to be continued-

yes, we do cliffhangers what about it :')

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yes, we do cliffhangers what about it :')

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