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I slowly feel myself start to wake up, my eyes still too tired to open I aimlessly place my hand over Natasha in an attempt to pull her close to me.

Except it's not Natasha, because once I finally open my eyes I see that she's not here, so instead my hands falls flat against the duvet bunched up on her side of the mattress.

"Natasha," I call out.

She doesn't respond, I slip out of the sheets, grabbing myself a t-shirt to cover myself with.

Normally in this moment you walk into the kitchen and there's a beautiful woman cooking you breakfast or making you coffee but in this moment that's not the case.

"Natasha?" I call out quieter as soon I see that her clothes, shoes and jacket are gone. Every trace of her being here practically gone except for the sent of her perfume that'd rubbed off onto my skin and sheets.

I look for my phone, as soon as I find it I start to dial her number. It rings for a while until she eventually picks up.

Phone call-

"Natasha where are you?" I question.

"I had to deal with something and I didn't want to wake you."

I hear muffled painful grunts in the background along with shouting. Every so often I hear Natasha yell back in another language to someone close by. I can barely make out the other person's voice let alone understand the language they're speaking, all I know is that they don't sound all too happy.

"Natasha, what are you doing?" I question worriedly.

"I'm just dealing with some work, I'll be back later."  She pants.

"Natasha Romanoff I swear to god if you don't tell me what's going on- " she cuts me off "Nobody's dead, everyone is alive for now so it's fine don't worry."

I hear a loud bang in the background, shocking my ears. My heart races as the line falls silent for a minute. Sixty seconds of pure worry and fear.

"Natasha, don't tell me not to worry when I can hear guns going off!" I say as I start to feel comfortable with the scene I can hear over the line.

"Exactly guns so I really have to go," she snaps.

"Natasha I'm worried."

"I'm fine." She sighs.

"I could kill you right now!" I tell her furiously.

"Not if they kill me first... I really have to go Y/N." Another gunshot rips through the speaker of my phone before the call ends.

Her words do nothing to reassure me of her safety. I start to panic but there's nothing I can do, I don't know where she is, or what's going on. At this moment right now I'm completely and utterly useless but the more I overthink about the phone call the more I start to tell myself that I shouldn't want to go after her and I shouldn't involve myself in whatever illegal crap she has going on.

She can handle herself, right?

But there's a chance she's lying in a ditch somewhere right about now and I hate the idea of that more than I hate the idea of her illegal, immoral shenanigans.

I wait and I wait unable to keep still or calm myself down for hours. If she wasn't who she is and I wasn't on the verge of losing my job I'd be in the office attempting to track her call but I know damn well that would put her in a cell.

Hours go by before I get another phone call.

Phone call-

"Y/N, Y/N I messed up I need you to come and get me." She pleads, agony and pain heavy in her tone.

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