Chapter 19: Time to pick some hero names!

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(A/n: Heyya, guys! Thanks for voting for the hero name for our sword-saint here! Really appreciate it! So, onto the story!)

The duo, Y/n and Jirou, is now on the train heading to U.A High. 

Both of them are currently chatting, when a passenger called out to Y/n. "Hey, it's Sosaki! The winner of the U.A's Sports Festival!"

"Woah! You're right" Another passenger also noticed.

"Man, you were cool there, kid! Nearly lose but still pulled it off" 

"Yeah, congrats on winning!" Now the whole cart is chanting 'congrats' at him.

He wasn't displeased bout the attention, but the attention also starts to get annoying for him over time. 

Suddenly, he felt that his trousers are being pulled by someone. He looked down and saw a kid with his mother. "Can I get your autograph, mister?" He holds out a book, full of names from his class. 

"Sure, kid" He took the book, and signed it. He then gives it to Jirou who is standing beside him. She gave a weird look but then realized what he wants her to do.

"Someone getting popular, I see~" She said as she finished signing it off. "I suppose" He replied and takes the book from her hand to give it back to the kid. The kid bowed thanks and ran up to his mom. 


They finally arrived at their class, not after receiving a ton more congrats from strangers on the way to school.

Some of them are already talking about the attention they're getting.  

"It's different when they broadcast the matches on TV after all, huh? So many people talked to me on the way here!!" Mina said. "Yeah, me too!" Kirishima also.

"People are staring at me too. It was kinda embarrassing!" Hagakure said. "Isn't that normal for you, Hagakure?" Ojiro.

"I had elementary schoolers suddenly tell me 'Don't worry about it!' " Sero said his disapproval. But Asui decided to mess with him

 "Don't worry about it!"

"Hey, Jirou? What's wrong with Sosaki?" Yaoyorozu asked her when she saw that Y/n just plopped down on his table right after entering the class. "Hm? Oh, he's just exhausted from all the attention he's getting from winning the first place."

As the class happily chatted among themself, Aizawa enters the classroom, instantly making the class quiet down.

"Morning" He simply greeted. The class greeted. Asui then noticed the absence of Aizawa's bandages. 

"Aizawa-sensei, I'm happy you were able to remove your bandages!" She chimed. "The old lady got over dramatic with her treatment. But let's put that aside. Today's Hero Informatics Period is a little special"

Hearing the word special, the whole class tensed up, worried that Aizawa might bring up something like a quiz or Law related. 

"Code Name. You all will be coming up with a Hero Name" Aizawa said. The whole class practically cheered at the topics.

"We're gonna do something exciting!!!

Irritated, Aizawa activated his quirk, levitating his hair and eyes blood-red, Intimidating the class. The class immediately pipe down, scarred.

"This is related to the Pro Hero draft picks I mentioned the other day. The draft begins in earnest in the second and third years after students have gained experience can become an immediate asset to the pros" Aizawa explained. He then continues. 

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