51: Game just begin

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get ready 🔪

Soyun pov

I screamed at the top of my lungs when he ripped my clothes. I kept on begging and scream him to stop, but all these pleadings were inaudible to him. I just wished someone to come and save me (a.n: I'm singing blue and grey now. Someone come and savveee me please~~)


Not for my innocent babie😌

He grabbed my innerweares as well and removed them harshly making me scream more. I was afraid for his next steps. I don't want this. God please help me. Why are u doing this to me. What did i do? Why can't god just listen to me? For once?

Pl-please stop-
I shuttered and cried as he sucked my neck. I couldn't bear it. It disgusted me, his touch, his body touching mine. Everything disgusted me. I felt helpless. My hands were tied as well, stopping me from protesting.

He was touching me everywhere. And his every touch just made my heart sink in disgust. Why can't some miracle happen and someone take me away from here? I don't want to be here. Just be far away from here. From this cruel world, from these cruel people.

I screamed when he entered his finger. He one by one entered his two fingers making me close my eyes for the pain, and scream.
I started crying loudly.
I felt i couldn't scream anymore.

S-save meee
He entered another finger making me shut my eyes more. The pain was too much. I felt i was tearing up. Tears continously flowing down my eyes. I couldn't see anything. I started losing my consciousness gradually.

Get ready for the ultimate game babe
He whispered to my ears. But all i could see was black. My body couldn't cope up anymore. I heard him unbukling his belt and removing them.

😇Warning end😇

Everyone can read now~~ 😃

By that time, i lost all my hopes. Totally all hopes. I totally gave up. There's no escape now. I will lose the most important thing to him. As he wanted. He will win. And i will lose. I wish i never wake up after that. I blacked out not being able to take it anymore.

3rd person pov

As soon soyun blacked out, the door bursted open by none other than jimin himself. His black clothes soaked in his bloods and hugging his perfect body making his well toned abs (a.n: i should stop really-) visible even thorough his shirt.

And before sehun could react and understand, jimin shot right on his legs making him scream in agony. Jimin breathed heavily as he dragged his weak self to the figure lying on the floor groaning in pain.

Jimin crouched down to his level and hit him on the neck making him unconscious for a while. Jimin's eyes fell on the figure lying on the bed. His eyes widened as he saw red hickeys in her neck, scratches in some parts of her body.

He didn't waste a second before wrapping her with the bed sheet. He bit his lips to prevent himself from crying. He himself couldn't move well cause of the beatings. And it hurted him seeing her lying like that.

He hugged her weak figure protectively. He saw the dried tears and her tied hands with the headboard. He immediately took out his knife cutting them. And he saw her wrists already black, for the lack of blood flow.

His eyes darkened as her screams ringed throw his ears. All his pains left his body as he clenched his jaw. His veins were popping out of his neck (a.n: this is a bro sis ff. Y am i drooling over jimin? No he's hot here. No i can't- still ugh dgeikew ok I'll stop now dheioekdo 😭😭)

Jimin went out of the room and kept soyun in another room safely. He called his guards and walked to the area where kai was.
Ull pay for every action kai. Just wait. It's our time now.
He gritted his teeth as he stumbled, coming behind kai.


Everyone was in utter shock after they heard the gunshot followed by sehun groaning. Kai looked at the 7 figures lying on the floor. And then it clicked him, jimin is not there. He thoughts he made him unconscious but no. He was not unconscious. He just became weak for a time being.

And he crawled to the rooms without anyone knowing. Panic was well written all over his face when he saw all the other members move. It seemed like everything changed in a spit of second. Soon, he felt a presence behind him. He slowly turned behind to find jimin standing there, looking at him with dark eyes, breathing heavily, looking hot (a.n: sry 😅😂😂)

He smirked as he saw kai's eyes widen. And then, he heard loud groans. He saw all his men lying on the ground, half unconscious as bangtan's guards take place all over there.

The guards untie all of them one by one and there stood the seven in front of him. Though they were weak, they still managed to look intimidating in front of kai himself.

And if yall wonder how jimin managed to untie himself, he did it when he was at the corner and he used his knife behind everyone's eyes. And he's so small that no one saw him moving away from there (a.n: bear with me 😂😂)

At that time, kai knew he fucked up. But he still kept his cool. But suga's next words made his body hairs stand in fear. (A.n: is that alright? Idk- eh)
Now let's play the game. What say?
His deep and husky voice sent shivers down his spine.

And in no time, jimin kicked him from behind making him stubble and lose balance. Now he was leaning in front if them. Jimin went in front and stood beside namjoon (a.n: the height 😂)

The eight of them looked at kai with stone cold eyes. The air was thick, no one dared to utter a single word. They saw kai standing up. Now it's 1 against 8. Fair enough.

Jin hyung, go to soyun. Jack, u go with him.
Namjoon said but jackson refused.
Rm, i need to do smth with kai.
He said as he looked at kai with pure hatred. Jin nodded getting a nod from rm and went away.

The atmosphere again became tensed as they looked at each other, the two opponents. Kai was feeling scared inside, but didn't show it. Jhope titled his head looking at kai and suga crossed his arms. All of them were looking scary, the deadly aura between them can scare anyone. Then suddenly, v started clicking his tongue

Let the game begin babe~~

End of chapter 51

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