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Guys, since you know I do talk about these depression phases and suicidal topics, if you read the comments at the starting of the book, you will see people making fun of Sophia that she cries over everything, they laugh at her making fun of her for having panic attacks, they make fun of her when she tries to commit suicide............this is why I am putting this thing here as this is so important and please read this all. Please please please never make fun of a person who is either suicidal or having panic attacks, you don't say that he/she is dramatic or overreacting. No. You don't know a person's life, you don't know their struggles, you literally don't know anything. You lie with your own self, you think people tell you what really their mental health condition is?

And yes, boys included. Boys also are humans, they also have a heart, a mind, a body, a soul. If women can suffer, so can boys. Stop telling them to bottle it up or to be a man. That shit is toxic as fuck sorry to say. Boys can feel things, they CAN cry, then CAN complain and they CAN tell others that they are not feeling it. What do they need? A person to ask them. Believe me, that's it. They just need someone to ask them as to how are they doing. So please, if you have any male friends, do ask them time to time, if they are doing okay mentally or not.

So, coming back to the topic. When you read a book and you start are not fully involved with the characters and hence you don't feel their pain but being inconsiderate towards them? In my opinion, never the solution. Now Ashton lost 2 daughters, lost Sophia for some time, lost his niece, his mother, his sister, you know his past and sufferings etc etc. At this point, many people cried for him, many said that he has suffered a lot............that is because you know his life now, you literally read it all and became familiar with it and hence you felt his emotions. When I started the book, many people didn't understand this and honestly, you don't bash a person for literally cutting their wrist. It just doesn't happen like in a minute, there are events of life which make a person go through this for them to come at a point where they are ready to take their own life away. Event after event after event reaches you here. You don't reach the third floor in one step, you go floor by floor. Even if by the elevator :)

If today I ask any of you to abandon all social media, stop having fun, work your ass off almost all of the day for all days of the week,  and you don't get to eat your proper meals, don't get to wear your new clothes, don't get to rest or hang out or fulfill your dreams and all.................if today I give you a baby to take care of with no money, no one's support to a point you have to raise him or her abandoning your will you act? How will you react? Will you be happy? Will you be at ease? No. You would never be at ease because suddenly you have such a big responsibility. Mental health isn't funny, isn't a joke and please don't take it as that.

I used to get hurt when I read people bashing Sophia but now not like before because I got to know people's mentality. I got to know their sick mentality and it is the bitter truth. Just because you make fun of them, just because YOU aren't afraid of heights doesn't mean everyone also isn't. Just because YOU have gone on a plane before doesn't mean EVERYONE has gone. If today, I throw you in a dark room, in some place you have no idea off, with a man you have no idea off, with guns you have never touched before knowing they are scaring you, knowing you cannot escape and they put you in a plane on which you have never gone before knowing you are shit scared of heights maybe due to any past trauma knowing you have a child with you and this all is happening so suddenly right after someone literally kidnaps you from your home ....................the fuck are you going to do? And imagine during your breakdown a person laughs at you and calls you a bitch or some bad, foul word and tells you to shut up and to just go die somewhere.........................Think about it.

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