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Intro begins

In the corners of the Realm where the Silver Bears Chapter resides. Ships are ready to leave to the unknown part beyond their realm. Though they will not be alone.

Next it shows Y/n looking at the night sky, with Jeanne by his side,enjoying each others company. Though next, it shows him in a battle with his team and RWBY against grimm. But his eyes glow like fire as he roars like a bear and charges at them.

Then it switches back to beacon academy. Where Ozpin and his inner circle wonder what Y/n is. As he is experiencing changes with his body as his body glows with a silver like fire.

On another scene shows Y/n who looks more bear like with his sword out, facing his foe. Adam return the gesture as they charged at each other. Ready to see who is the true master swordsman.

Lastly it shows Y/n and another foe facing each other on top of a burning building. As the sounds of gun fire is heard. Soon the image of a giant bear covered in silver fire appears behind Y/n as he says.

"I have fought through many foes with my sons and fellow soldiers. But I will never falter on my duty, I have swore not only to my father but to all I hold dear. I will vanquish all the enemies that threaten the innocent.

To not let chaos burn the galaxy. I wish to return to see my sons and home world Arterious. Return to Terra and see my father once again. To reunite with my brothers if they still live. Take the battle to the traitors and close the eye of terror.

For my dream to lead the Imperium into a new age. One where hope lives and peace runs through all the galaxy. Until the day comes, I will continue to fight for I am my father's sword against terror and the Imperiums shield. As I stand as the bulwark against terror, I will not know no fear."

Intro ends

Both teams were seen enjoying earing their lunch. As Y/n has begun to enjoy his plate full of eggs,bacon,pancakes. Along with his cup of coffee. Y/n has always enjoyed the coffee and other treats that Remnant has to offer. Maybe one day he can share it with the Imperium.

Though as his team and sister team were talking.

Ruby: Y/n you were awesome during combat class. I mean you beat a second year with a giant sword. He was like swish and you block it.

He chuckle what his sister is retelling his battle as his opponent,who is a very honorable warrior. His skill with his weapon is good. Yatsuhashi Daichi of team CFVY. He would of been a great Astartes in his legion.Their duel was the talk of the school. How a first year was able to stand toe to toe with Yatsuhashi with only his sword.

Though after the battle he got acquainted with the rest of CFVY. They seem a good team and Y/n hung out with them for a bit after classes were done. Soon in the end of the day Y/n has considered team CFVY his freidns which they responded in kind.

Though their talk was interrupted when he heard a familiar voice cry out in pain. He turn quickly and his face morph into anger. As he saw team CDRL bully Velvet.

Pyrrha:Its despicable how they are still here.

Ruby: Right. It's terrible to bully someone because they are a faunus.

Jeanne then looked worried at Y/n. As he stood up and begun to walk.

Jeanne: Y/n where are you going?

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