Chapter 10

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Fair warning for the video that clip is old and I don't really remember what I said so uh haha
"Please we haven't seen them if forever!" "Ganyu your brother was over here a few days ago" "I really need him though it's important!" "Call him" After a few minutes of them going back and fourth Childe returned home with Qiqi. "Ah dad you're home! Please tell your crazy husband we need to go check up on Xiao" "I'm gonna ignore that little insult" "Zhongli you don't know? Xiao almost blacked out at a bar last night then left with Aether who was almost as drunk as he was and another blonde guy"
"And he's not answering his phone neither is Venti!" Zhongli sighed "Your brother is fine he called me not too long ago" "And you didn't say anything?" "It had nothing to do with anything you said, he only told me he and Venti would be late for school on Monday because they needed to take Sayu to her first day of actual school. And no, he didn't sound off" "Well you wouldn't know I'm his sister I know everything about him" "What size does shirts does he wear?" "Maybe not everything about him but still!" "Zhongli you and I both know she isn't gonna stop until she sees her brother" Zhongli rolled his eyes setting down his tea "Fine then we can go see Xiao"
After a rather interesting trip to Xiao's house they finally made it although it was obvious Ganyu had something she really needed to show Xiao.
"Sayu? Since when did they allow you to open the door?" "Oh no need to worry I'm here with her, I'm Kaedehara Kazuha a friend of Venti's. If I'm correct you're Xiao's family" Kazuha smiled as Sayu stepped away from the door.
"Papa Aunt Ganyu is here!" Ganyu looked behind Kazuha to see Venti had popped his head out. "Ah Venti! Where's Xiao!" Ganyu ran up to Venti who had instantly shut the door. "Huh? Venti, is everything ok?" "Yea just give me a second! Gah damnit Xiao hold on!"
"Don't worry they're ok" Ganyu watched Sayu enter their room.
"Ganyu right?" "Mhm" "Sayu is right there's no reason to worry about them this happens a lot according to Sayu" "Did you and Venti ever date before?" "During the time spent at our summer camp yes, but we both felt we'd be better off as friends"
"I'm done! Doesn't Xiao look adorable" "I hate you" "You love me" "Ganyu why're you here?" "I needed to ask you something" "What is it" Ganyu pulled Xiao closer to her the whispered something in his ear.
Xiao crosses his arms and thought for a second "Hm have you told our dads?" "No I'm not sure if it's true that's why I said I think" "He is rather forceful she'll be fine just have her come over" "What if it is true and we're too late to help her?" "Think of that later go call her now" Ganyu nodded her head walking away from the boys
"Is everything ok with Ganyu?" Xiao nodded his head "Kazuha you were Venti's old friend correct?" "Yes, why do you ask?" "So I'm sure you're aware of his highly high pitch screaming" Kazuha chuckled a bit "And the squeaking noises he makes when sneezing" "Hey when did this become a make fun of Venti conversation!"
Xiao smiled "I wonder where Aether went" "Oh I trapped him somewhere" "Somewhere as in?" " I tied him to a tree" "Huh?!" "You two are an odd couple" "That reminds me I was supposed to get him I'll be back"
Venti watched Kazuha leave and Xiao from behind. "So what was Ganyu talking about?" "Nothing I can tell you" "Aw why not?" "She doesn't want me to tell you" "You can trust me Xiao" "It's not my choice Venti"
Venti sighed and placed his head on Xiao's shoulder then Kazuha appeared with a very angry Aether. "Hey Aether" Aether crossed his arms and looked away "He's still upset, he's also forcing me to treat him like a princess for the next few days" "Kazuha you're in a University right?" Kazuha nodded his head "He got suspended" "Kazuha, getting suspended? I don't believe it" "He took the blame for one of his friends and no his University isn't anywhere near ours" "So he's in a smart people school?" "Are you implying we're dumb?" "Wha noooo" "Didn't Xiao turn down some top University to go to the same one as you Venti?" "Shhhh no one needs to know about that"
"Xiao if dads asks I'm at the store!" *I feel like I should point out they're in the living room*
Venti finally let go of Xiao and sat on the couch "Hu Tao hasn't been here in a while has she?" "She said she'd be spending a few weeks at her grandparents house because they fell ill" "Why'd you say it like that? You sound like those people from the old princess movies" Xiao flicked Venti and say down next to him.
"Hu Tao?" "She's a friend too only she's far more dumb than Venti" "She isn't dumb she's just very very very childish for her age"
"Same thing" Kazuha pinched Aethers nose "Stop being rude"

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