52: Wake up

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Soyun pov

I woke up and found myself in an unknown room. The smell of medicin hit my nose making me understand that I'm in a hospital. I started feeling nostalgic. I was lost. (Lost my wayyy~~)

I looked around and my eyes feel on the wires attached to my wrist. Millions of questions emerged in my mind making my condition worse. I tried getting up but eventually failed.

Am i that weak? How long i have been here? What happened? I was abducted by.....my eyes widened as i remembered everything. Everything hit me like an electric shock, just it made me stiff rather than jolting up. (A.n: ur author really lost her mind)

Tear formed in my eyes. I closed my eyes remembering the painful memories and a tear dropped my eyes. I felt a little pain in my lower abdomen making me scared. D-did he really r-raped....a painful sob escaped my lips. At that time, the door opened revealing a person i expected the least to be here.

Jimin pov (a.n: la.ji.mo.la.la)

We were waiting outside impatiently for the doctor to come. We were looking like a mess. But there was no people either. It was a dead night, only eight of us sitting here and there, some tapping our foot, some pulling up hair in frustration, some silently crying.

After some time, the doctor came and we rushed to him faster than ushain volt (a.n: u know him? U know him? U know u know) We looked at him eagerly waiting for his answer.
Can i talk to only one of u?
He asked making us look at jin hyung.

Jin hyung nodded and glanced at all of us before going with him alone. Where we were looking at the door without blinking. (a.n: blink) After what it felt like years, jin hyung came out and sighed making all of us more worried than ever.

What did the doctor say hyung?
Is she alright?
When will she wake up?
What are u saying jungkook. She's definitely alright. Right hyung?
How's her injuries?
Is her wounds too deep?

We bombarded him with questions without giving him a chance to speak.
Hyung why r u not answering??
We all shouted together. He looked at us with his worldwide handsome angry face which made all of us gulp.

I will speak then, when u guys will give me a chance to speak right? How can i speak when u guys are busy asking me questions? And jhope how can she be alright after all she had gone through. U guys really lost ur mind. Can't u understand a simple thing. Yaaaah.
He rapped in one breath and started panting heavily after that.

We glanced at each other and did defeated face.
Ok so....
Jin hyung cleared his throat making us straight up and give all our attention to him.

The thing is soyun is a little better now. As the hits were a little hard, it'll take time to heal. The doctor can't tell when will she wake up. Everything's quite fine......except....
He paused making us anxious.
What hyung?
Taehyung asked. Fear was visible in his voice (a.n: can we see fear? Like is fear visible? In the voice? Dk 😅😆😂)

Jin hyung sighed once again before speaking.
She'll be traumatised for what happened to her. She may not talk to us, be afraid of boys, even.....she can be depressed for a long time. We can't tell for how long it'll take time to heal her.
Jin hyung finished with a sigh again.

Our heart dropped hearing his words. (A.n: yea heart dropped at the stomach😆)
B-but hyung...she wa-wasn't....
I couldn't say the next word. But he understood what i was trying to say.

Yea she wasn't. But it'll be hard to make her understand this.
Jin hyung said sadly.
W-why hyung....?
Jungkook asked lost.

We don't know if she will talk with us....she might hate us for our past acts. Now she won't want any boy near her. On top of that....she's having some pain in her lower abdomen. This pain caused as that mf kai kicked her. And...if she doesn't let us speak to her...she won't get to know the truth.
Jin hyung explained.

N-now what hyung....?
I asked looking at him hopefully hoping he knows a solution. But he just looked down making us even more tensed.
I don't know jimin....
There was a silence among us. Nobody dared to utter a single word. We knew we screwed up bad this time.

Anyways. Guys. Go and fresh up. We can't tell when she will wake up and we don't want her to see us like this do we?
Namjoon hyung said and we all nodded slowly.
Yall go. I have some to do.
He said and we again just nodded not being able to speak.

What u gonna do now?
Jackson hyung asked while we also waited for his answer.
Well I'm gonna look after kai and sehun. Doctor said that they're gonna wake up soon. So i need to stay.
He said and we simply nodded.

3rd person pov

Sir, ur patient woke up.
A nurse came and bowed to rm while he nodded following her afterwards.
Here, sir.
The nurse left him in front of the door and went away after bowing. He slowly opened the door to see the person awake looking outside the window.

How're ur felling now?
He asked as he took a sit beside the bed.
Do i look like I'm ok?
Rm sighed getting this reply.
U need to know the truth....sooner or later.
Rm said and looked at the emotionless face.

Truth? What truth? What do i need to know? U guys will destroy everything. Everything left for me. U-u don't know how much devastated i was. How i felt. How i passed my days. U guys only saw the bad side. But never ever tried to understand me. Hear me up. Help me....
Tears gathered up in the eyes while rm looked at the poor state the person going through in front of him.

We tried to hear u up. But there were obstacles. And now, if u don't hear us, you'll never understand the whole thing.
Rm tried to convince by words. But it was not that easy right now.

Why would i listen to u guys? Did u guys listen to me? No right? Then go away from here. Go away before i kill u!!!
Doctors and nurse gathered hearing yells and screams here.
Nurse! Bring the injection. Quick!

A nurse gave the doctor a syringe and the doctor quickly injected it on the patient who's out of control now. After some time, the patient calmed down. The doctor looked at rm and sensed his confused state.

Well the mental condition of this patient is not stable. It may also result in long term problem. We only need to have hope.
The doctor said making rm nod and looked at the lying figure. A sigh left his mouth looking at the environment surrounding him, thinking about the problems they're going through right now.

When will this end....?

End of chapter 52

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