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Maxwell felt her hold her breath as he scented her beautiful fragrance holding her close and gently caressing her hair. He knows it's wrong but he can't seem to get enough of her.

After all, she is now his Delilah Knight.

Her arms unknowingly wrapped around his broad shoulders holding onto him just cherishing the moment. She saw the look he was giving to her, it was the same look 6 years ago. It was purely a look of adoration.

The look she knew fucked her up.

After all, all those looks, talks, kisses, and hugs were just a game to him. right?

She was just a pawn in his plan. right?

It seemed like she was trying to convince herself that she meant nothing to him, but his actions were speaking otherwise.

She still hates him, she just couldn't forget all those taunts, punishments, torture, and panic attacks that still haunt her till now. She knows they will haunt her till her death.

She was not suicidal, she never was, or at least that's what she thought. She had everything right so why would she be suicidal? That's what people have been telling her entire life.

She was pretty, she had amazing grades, she was the queen of the school. Just because a mere boy betrayed her doesn't mean that she lost the will to live. right?

That's what everyone has been telling her but little did they know Maxwell was way more than just a mere boy to her.

He was everything to her.

She was a positive girl. A girl who always tried to see the good in everyone and everything. She was never someone who tried to harm others but being in the mafia did not let her be that. All her life, she heard her mother comparing her to other girls.

The girls who could get any man to their knees, the ones who could just give a smile, and everyone will do anything for them.

She couldn't do that.

She was attractive, but not in a way that would cause people to turn around when she walked in. She had the kind of beauty that made you fall in love with her over time. The kind who laughed hysterically but held your hand when you needed to cry. The kind who teased you endlessly but would kill anyone who insulted you. The kind that makes you feel safe around her and in your own skin. She was an angel in disguise, but what is an angel that hasn't survived hell?

Delilah Knight was that type of girl.

And to her, Maxwell was like the last piece of the puzzle.

She knew she needed him, to just simply exist. she knew he would be there with her, she knew how much he loved her.

But it was one disastrous night that changed everything. He could now never be hers even if she wanted him to be.

She now moved out of his hold and went to the cabinets to get the first aid kit.

she made him sit down on the chair and bent down to apply the ointment on his face.

He winced a little when she touched his scar and she mumbled a quick "sorry" making him smile a little despite the pain.

As she was about to go, he held her wrist making her turn around and look at him.

She was not surprised by the way he pulled her, it was his habit since middle school to randomly hold her hand or waist and just bring her closer.

She groaned internally scolding herself for thinking about the past again.

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