Chapter 28

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Marinette did not know what to expect when she arrived in Paris, during her stay in NY she felt safe and at peace, she didn't have to worry about because she knew that if anything happened, she had people to lend a hand. Even her nightmares had lessened during this time, but when she stepped out of the airport she had an undying urge to to run back to New York  

"Is anybody else feeling an urge to go back?"


"Okay, thanks."

Nino gave Chloe a look before taking the lead and walking towards their parents, who seemed ecstatic to see their kids, most of them anyway.

Nino's parents grinned, pulling their son into a bear hug as his brother, Chris continuously questioned him about Iron man. Luka started ranting to his mother about his experiences in NY. Surprisingly, Chloe's mom came to pick her up. The Fashionista was disguised, not wanting to attract the paparazzi. Marinette's parents, on the other hand, had unreadable expressions. The bluenette pushed her uncertain and confused thoughts aside and put on the brightest she possibly could as she walked to her parents.

Usually, Marinette would run and embrace her parents right away, but the look on their faces clearly said that they were in no mood for hugs and kisses.


"I can't believe you actually believe her!"

"Can you blame us!" Sabine glared at her daughter angrily "everything she has told me makes so much sense! I don't even recognize you! your bullying with Lila has gone too far. Death threats! are you crazy?! I understand that you don't have a luxurious life like her but bullying?! that young lady has gone too far."

"Maman! listen to me. She is lyin-"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence young lady." Tom glared " you are grounded and I'm confiscating your phone and all you're money."

"What?! you cant do that."

"Watch me."

"This isn't fair! I don't bully Lila!" 

"Go to your room!" Sabine yelled.

Marinette glared at her before running up the stairs, tears running down her cheeks uncontrollably. She shut the latch behind her before breaking down completely. Lila was trying to make her life as miserable as possible and she was succeeding.


"What?! that's crazy!"

"This is absurd! Do your parents have proof that-"

"Apparently they do!" Marinette yelled angrily as her friends took a step behind, trying to avoid her anger "Lila is such a irritating, annoying-"

"Calm down." Chloe snorted "I say we retaliate."

"I say we avoid her." Luka shrugged, playing a soft melody on his guitar "If we retaliate, she will too. And it will be a full on war. I think we've got enough on our plate."

Nino and Kagami agreed making Chloe look at them in betrayal "This is ridiculous, utterly ridiculous." 

"How am I going to know if there's another Akuma?! I don't have my phone! No phone = no Akuma alert, omg this is not happening." Marinette panicked as she paced around Chloe's room.

"Is she always like his?" Pollen asked as Tikki sighed, nodding.

"Woah! calm down, I have my old phone you can borrow it." 

"Are you sure?" Marinette frowned

"Of course! just don't lose it or get caught by your parents." Chloe smiled, handing her old  phone to her best friend.

"So... what now?" Nino asked, settling on the love seat.

"Well, we have to wait for Mr. Stark-" Marinette started but was interrupted by Chloe's phone ringing. Chloe smiled sheepishly before moving forward to silence it but paused when she saw the person calling her 

"Speak of the devil." Chloe mumbled showing the title of the caller, before answering it.


"Is Marinette dead?" Tony asked in concern. Everyone chuckled silently at his question.

"No I'm not" Marinette rolled her eyes "What's up?"

"So I deciphered the book you gave me, find out the identity of hawk guy and cat boy"

"Hawkmoth and Cat noir." Kagami corrected. 

"Right...You might want to teleport here, I've got some thing to show you."


Avengers Tower

"Hey kids" Tony greeted "Come with me."

The five glanced at each other before following him. "Why didn't you answer your phone? you got me worried." Tony asked, glancing at Marinette.

"Oh, I got grounded and my phone taken away from me." Marinette sighed.

"Why?" Tony asked, confused. As far as he knew Marinette, she wasn't the kind to make trouble.

"Long story."

Tony nodded, not pushing her. "So... I hacked into Gabriel Agreste's security cameras and look at this..."

The room went dark as the surveillance footage of various Akumas coming out of one particular window. A window Chloe recognized all too well, though she wish she hadn't. Tony pulled up a realistic hologram of the Agreste manor and showed them the same window that was situated behind the building. Pure horror took over the Parisians expressions. This was not what they expected. At. All.

"And that's not the worst part." Tony sighed, the next footages showed a familiar blonde in a black suit jumping out of another window. Adrian Agreste's window. 

And then it all clicked.

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