C h a p t e r 11

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Y/n malfoy POV

Me and Mattheo made it to hogsmead.

"Let's go to honeydukes" I said grabbing his arm and dragging him over to the store.

I went to the chocolate section and grab a chocolate frog "you want one" I asked Mattheo "no" he said with a blank face "fine then" I looked around then I saw fizzing whizbees I went over there and grabbed it.

I didn't really care about how much sweets I get I'll just save some of it.

I looked at Mattheo who looked like he was miserable "come on" I pulled on his arm more and went over to a different section.

Mattheo pulled his arm out of my hand and looked at the sweets, I followed him and he grabbed acid pops.

We keeled on walking around seeing the candy and we went back to the chocolate section we looked at that section for a long time till I saw him grab a peppermint toad.

"Eww peppermint" I said looking up at him since he was taller then me.
"Shut up" he told me.
"Make me" I responded.

He looked at me with a death stare before pulling on my hair, making my head go back, he moved his head down towards my neck, making soft kisses on my neck.

Oh gosh.

I felt myself getting wet.

He pulled back, looking at me smirking and walked away.


I stood still for a couple of seconds, trying to think about what just happened.

I looked at the section one more time and saw fudge flies, I went over and grabbed it.

I looked around the store trying to find Mattheo.

I went over to the last section and saw him with pansy, great.

I went a little closer trying to hide behind a shelf.

I moved a couple of boxes of sweets and saw them really close to each other, probably to close.

Why am I even doing all this hiding behind a shelf trying to hear a conversation, that is probably nothing.

Nope I'm just going to look at sweets cause I love sweets.

I looked at a bunch of sections and saw sugar quills next to it was blood-flavored lollipops, I grabbed both and went over to the counter with all of my sweets.

"Is that all" the man behind the counter asked.

"Yes that's all" I replied.

"That will be 30 galleons" he said.
(I seriously don't know how money works there)

I gave him the money before grabbing my sweets, that were in the bag and walking out of the store.

I went to zonko's joke shop and looked around.

Now I see why this is the Weasley twins favorite place.

I walked all around the store, looking at all the cool stuff they have here.

"Hey" I heard a familiar voice I turned around to see Asher.

"Hey" I said walking over to him.

"What are you doing here" he asked.

"just looking around and cause at Hogwarts I hade nothing to do"

"Oh well where is riddle" he asked.

"He is somewhere" I said.

"So you guys don't like each other" he asked.

"Oh no we do" I said, he looked at me weird an then I remember that the dark lord want us to act in love or something.

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