Chapter 3

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"Ugggh classes were boring as usual." Jay sat down in the seat in front of me.

Classes had start a few days ago and meeting at the cafe off campus after class was the only time we got to see each other.

Jay is focused on nursing while I'm focused on business and it's hard to hangout during our breaks when we have totally different classes and schedules.

"I saved you a jelly donut" I offered the box of donuts I was eating meanwhile Jay got here.

"Thanks" she bit into the donut and moaned.
"Sooo good"

"So I invited Sean. Is that cool with you?" she mumbled while chewing on the donut.

"Jay" I mugged her. "You know I don't like the nigga so why you invited him here." I kissed my teeth.

"At least he's bringing his roommate" she shrugged her shoulders.

"Geovoni?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Yeah, he also fine but he got a girlfriend" she sighed.

"He does" I acted surprised.

"Yeah she's toxic as hell. She came over to their apartment screaming and shit couple days ago while I was there."


"Geovoni's a dumbass for not breaking up with her. All I know is that I can't stand her" Jay said with a disgusted look on her face.

"Mhm" I responded.

"Well I better get back to my apartment before Sean gets here." I said, grabbing my bag, car keys and standing up.

"Nah girl come sit ya ass back down here" Jay said with an attitude.

"Girl you know he pisses me off. I can't"

"Well that's too damn bad. Now sit" she motioned with her hand. "They're here"

"Sorry" I whispered and turned around only to bump into someone causing me to smell a whiff of their cologne.

I looked up only to see Geovoni.

"Hey" he smiled.

I stepped around him and glanced at Sean only to mug him before walking out the cafe door.

I unlocked my car and put my bag in the passenger seat and before I even step in the car, Geovoni came rushing out the cafe.

"Hey wait" he callee out to me.

I rolled my eyes and stepped into my car locking the door. He's just an annoying fly that never goes away.

He started knocking on my window.

I sighed and rolled down the window. "What nigga?"

"You ain't say hey back. Why you playing hard to get?"

"Me" I laughed and pointed at my chest. "I don't play hard to get" I shook my head.

"Let me in yo car. I ain't gonna be thirdwheeling with Sean" he said and I laughed and rolled up my window.

"That's on you" I said and drove off.

Sean can kiss my ass


After I came home, I took a long bath and binged watch Star for about an hour until I was hungry. There was a vending machine on the main floor of the building and decided I might as well go down there and buy a snack.

I was too lazy to change out of my tank top and black nike pro shorts, so I put on my uggs slides and went down there.

I stared at the vending machine considering my options.

Hot Cheetos it is

I put the coins in the machine and was about to pick up the chips when I heard a girl screaming.

The doors to the apartment building opened and a girl came rushing through it. A second later Geovoni appeared with dark eyes.

"Kayla,  I can't with you. You always blame me for your mistakes. I'm sick of this shit and I'm done with yo ass" Geovoni shouted which caused me to jerk my head back in shock.

He's mad mad

"Sean's pull out game was better than yours anyways" Kayla smirked.

Oop manz just got violated

I grabbed my snack and decided it was time to leave in case things got worse.

Kayla walked right smack into me which caused me to drop my hot cheetos. "Watch it bitch" she said and continued walking.

"Girl shut yo bitch ass up" I mugged her and picked up my hot cheetos off the ground.

Bitch thinks she's the shit

"Don't pay her any mind" Geovoni walked up to me.

"She just admit to cheating with Sean, your FRIEND" I said to confirm it because he was acting nonchalant.

"Why'd you think I let her hit. I gave him permission to" Geovoni chuckled and shook his head.

"And it don't affect you?" I looked up into his eyes.

"I was gonna breakup with her anyways" he shrugged his shoulders.

"That's some tea right there" I smiled.

"So what you doing right now?" he asked.

"None of your business" I responded.

"You think the stunt you pulled today outside the cafe was cool?" he looked me up and down.

"You ain't never been rejected in your life before" I cocked my head to the side and smirked.

"Nah, you a challenge to me." he licked his lips.

"You like that" I looked up at him through my lashes.

"You just not desperate like them other girls"

"I'm hungry how about you order pizza and meet me upstairs at room number 183. See ya" I turned around to walk back to my room.

"Aii, bet. Nice ass by the way."


"You're lucky I ordered two cause there's no way you ate one whole pizza." Geovoni said to me beside me on the couch.

"Surprise" I gave him a tight smile and continued eating the pizza slice in my hand.

I could care less

I opened the second pizza box, ready to take another slice out when Geovoni slapped my hand away.

"Move nigga" I pushed him.

"Yo fat ass eat too much for a small body like that" he pointed at my stomach that was poking out of my tank top.

"Leave me alone" I said, pulling my shirt down.

He started squeezing my belly bump and it began to irritate me.

"Keep your hands to yourself" I turned away from him.

"Awww did I hurt your feelings" he cooed and started laughing.

I rolled my eyes

"You can pack your stuff up and get out" I said and he stopped laughing.

"You serious" he raised an eyebrow.

"You see a smile on my face" I mugged him.

"Aii, lemme just grab my pizza and leave then" he picked up the pizza box off the coffee table and grabbed the one from my hand.

I gave him a crazy look.

"I'm pretty sure I paid for the pizza which makes it mine" he gave me a smirk and left the apartment.


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