chapter forty-one

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(okay so i have been struggling with the issue discussed in the previous chapter so stopped posting for a while but i had decided to try and continue writing for you all, i have written the next 5 chapters after this and have plans for the next 6 after that so don't worry there is definitely more to come. again i apologise for how long it has taken to get this out but i am trying. i hope you all are doing well and enjoy the chapter- author)


y/n pov

i stood next to yoongi in the hallway as he yelled to everyone

yoongi-"we're back!"

then next thing i knew was we were being charged at by what others would assume is a heard of elephants from the noises they made

swiftly, i was squished into someone's chest and felt others around my figure, enclosing me in a tight hug

after a few seconds: j-hope, jimin, taehyung and jungkook parted from me and changed their soft eyes into cold icy ones

none were as lethal as taes though, if looks could kill, consider yoongi dead

jin-"are you okay?" he said while kneeling down slightly to match my eyes, stealing my attention from the others

me-"yes im fine" i said as my eyes met his concerned ones although i wasn't really sure if i believed it

fortunately for me, i was brought out of my situation with jin so he wouldn't keep asking questions

however, unfortunately it was to witness a screaming match

tae-"what the fuck happened!" he yelled

yoongi-"i-"he began however was instantly cut off

tae-"do you know how dangerous that was?! how reckless you were to even consider taking up namjoon's offer to take her with you! what if something were to have happened?! what would you have done!?" anger was evident in his voice as he said one sentence after another without giving yoongi a chance to explain

jin-"taehyung, calm down"

tae-"no i won't calm down! how am i supposed to calm down?

jin-"well then just give yoongi a second to explain, okay?"

tae-"fine then" he said bitterly while sighing and rolling his eyes

j-hope-"why don't we all go sit down first since you both look quite tired?" he asks which i really appreciate

yoongi slightly nodded and lead the way to the dining room where he sat head of the table, me on the seat to his left next to jin, namjoon on his right with taehyung next to him, jimin was sat next to jin and jungkook next to tae

jin-"yoongi, could you please explain what happened?"

yoongi-"well me and y/n went to go collect wood from the forest to build stuff here and it turns out there was a zombie s-"he answered after an overly exaggerated sigh

jungkook-"zombie!? you took her to a zombie!?!!"he interrupted

yoongi-"no, jungkook, i did not take her to a zombie, we went to get wood, it just so happened to be there, and besides, we are both okay, right y/n?"

suddenly all eyes were on me


thanks yoongi

me-"yes we are fine, nothing happened really, we are fine so it doesn't matter" i said trying to change the subject however i failed, miserably

jimin-"doesn't matter? of course it matters! you got put into danger today"

tae-"and it's all because he took you to get wood!!"

yoongi-"hey i didn't chose to take her!" he argued, earning a glare from me for that, after all our bonding today and everything, utter betrayal honestly

yoongi-"i was told to, so i did and she isn't hurt so what's the issue?"

i notice namjoon hasn't said anything and is just say inbetween them arguing with his head slightly lowered, when we do make eye contact i can see nothing but guilt

jin-"guys stop this right now!" he demandingly yelled, commanding our attention and obedience "y/n why don't you head to bed?" he asks

i quickly got up from my seat, sending a weak smile to yoongi, and walking over to the door

as i leave i hear jin sternly telling the boys that they will finish their tasks tomorrow but i didn't hear much else as i was walking as fast as light to try and get to my room

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