chapter forty-six

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y/n pov

once jin had left my room i lied in bed for another few minutes, thinking about nothing in particular

unfortunately, i knew i couldn't do stay there forever because i had things to do today with jin so i forced myself out of bed and headed to my clothes

grabbing a fresh pair of joggers, shirt and underwear, i changed and then went into my bathroom to see how it looked

i remember how me and my friends used to do 'fit checks' in the mirrors at school to make fun of our uniform

but now that's in the past i guess

i brushed my teeth, hair and used the toilet before heading towards the kitchen to get some food as jin had said

as per usual, the hallway floor was cold and made me fantasise about slippers

i was so caught up in imaging the comfy soles of them that i almost walked straight into the wall like an idiot but fortunately for me, no one was there so no one saw my stupidness

well for this morning at least

reaching up into the cupboards, i grabbed some granola in a bowl and headed to the dining room

it was empty again

'it's like the boys have just disappeared' i though while sitting down in my usual seat and beginning to eat my breakfast

as if on que, namjoon walks past the dining room and i have him a small smile

seemingly nervous, namjoon enters the room and sits opposite me but doesn't say anything


me-"you good?" i question which seems to pull him out of whatever trance he was in

namjoon-"i just wanted to say i'm sorry"


namjoon-"it was me who sent you off into the woods with yoongi without thinking about what could go wrong and then you got attacked and i just... i just feel really bad about it"

me-"namjoon, don't worry! i'm not dead and yoongi isn't, besides i wanted something to do and you gave me a solution, although it wasn't the best thought out solution, it was a solution none the less so don't worry at all, okay?"

namjoon-"thank you y/n, thank you so much" he says sounding super relived which i just laughed at

me-"so what's your job today?"

namjoon-"well i am trying to fix up a pair of walkie talkies so that we can commune with one and other while far apart. it will help so that some can go shopping while the others stay home and things like that"

me-"wait that's actually really cool! can i see?"

namjoon-"yeah i'm nearly done so i will bring them here" he says while leaving to go to his room while i continue eating me granola

after a couple of minutes he enters the room with a shoe box filled with old parts and some walkie talkies which i'm guessing must have been broken

namjoon-"okay so i have these but they aren't quite done yet, may i finish them while you finish your breakfast?" he asked oddly politely

me-"be my guest"

so i continued to eat my gronola then stood up, ready to take my bowl to the kitchen, earning a sad and betrayed look from namjoon

me-"i'm just gonna put this in the kitchen and then i will be write back, you big baby!" i said and he laughed while continuing to tinker with the devices

namjoon-"okay i think i'm done!" he states on my arrival back into the room

me-"they look quite cool to be honest, i'm impressed"

namjoon-"was that a compliment?"

me-"in your dreams" i joked

namjoon-"wanna help me test them out?"


namjoon-"okay you take this one and go to your room, once you are there then press this button and talk into this part, got it?"

me-"yes sir" i say to make fun of him being all authoritative all of a sudden and run off to my room

i carefully shut my door and then hesitated to press the button, worried his hard work was for nothing



me-"omg they work" i say into the speaker

namjoon-"obviously, im a genius, as jin said i have a sexy brain "

i didn't respond for a couple seconds to let him sit in shame

namjoon-"sorry" he says quietly which made me burst out laughing

i'm on my way back i say and he'd to the room to present him with his amazing creation

me-"well done joonie"

namjoon-"thank you, i was worried they wouldn't work"

me-"same here"


me-"what i was only being honest" i defended

namjoon-"honestly" he jokingly rolled his eyes

jin-"there you are!" he says and comes over to me

me-"is it time to start our task?"

jin-"yep! oh namjoon now are the walkie talkies coming along"

namjoon-"they work!"

jin-"i knew you and your sexy brain could do it"

namjoon-"i told you that it's what he said"

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