~Chapter 11~

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On your way home from school, you tried to be as slow as you could walking home. You really didn't want to be near your new "family." Everything was fine when it was just you and your father. But you knew, that things were going to change. Not everything was always going to be the same in your life. Your father wasn't going to be forever hung up on your mother. Of course, you knew that, but it didn't change anything. 

Sometimes you just wanted to scream. But, you knew you couldn't. Every time that you wanted to take a break from life, you had to stop yourself, it was impossible. You just wanted to run as far away from this world as possible. You wanted to be free. But that was impossible. You couldn't just drop everything and leave, no matter how much you wanted it. No matter how much you needed it. 

Nothing in your life was up to you. And you came to release and remember that fact every single day of your life. But it wasn't something you could just accepted. You wanted to be in control, to be the driver behind the wheel. Not the person who sat in the passenger seat and watched as everything went by. 

But no matter how much you wanted it, it wasn't time, just yet. 


Before you knew it, you were home. Standing right in front of the apartments door. Not even sure if you could call this "home" anymore. 

You weren't really sure of anything anymore. 

You jiggled the door knob to see if it was unlocked, and of course, it was. Your brain instantly translated that there was someone inside. Probably one of your new "family" members. 

You took a deep breath and swung the door open. Not expecting a "welcome home" as per usual. The lights were on but dimmed, and candles that you had not known existed were lit all around the apartment. 

It all looked cleaner. You hadn't realized how dirty the apartment was until now. There was no one to tell if it was or not. Since you had been living by yourself for awhile you must have gotten used to it.   

You walked farther into the apartment. Hoping you would get the chance to walk to your room before anyone stopped you. You were surprised by the fact that no one was running around. It seemed too quite, because there was definitely someone home. 

You tried to pay it no mind and soon you had reached your room. Before closing the door behind you, you scanned the apartment one last time. 

Thankfully you had reached your room with not a single hiccup. You didn't feel like you could deal with certain things today. 

You pressed your back up against the door and slid down till you were sitting on the floor. Your face in your palms as you let out a long sigh. 

Today was a long day. 

A/n: sorry it took me so long to update. this ones a little shorter just to help me get back into my groove. hope you enjoyed. 

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