chapter thirty-eight

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y/n pov

of course there was no reply

how could there be if no one was there

me-"yoongi!" i yell in utter fear

what happened?

where is he?

where did he go?

was this there plan?

did they lead me her to die?

i question while frantically grabbing my bag and turing my head from left to right

he isn't here at all

do i remember the way back?

'i think i was just down there, right?'i think to myself while looking in a familiar direction

yes that seems good, i can go home and grab my stuff since they clearly don't want me

while heading over to grab yoongi's backpack, which seemed to have just been left there, i started feeling sick

reaching down to grab the bag, it was clear something is wrong

i mean how could everything be fine when there was a low groan coming from behind me

this has to be fake

this can't be real

i speedily turn and see one of those blood curdling creatures inching towards me

feeling like a child, i do the one thing i used to do as a kid whenever i thought there was a monster in my closet which would always result in my dad running in to save me

i screamed

yoongi pov

while chopping the last remaining branch that had fallen i notice a tree quite close by with plenty of branches

'i could chop them quickly and be back in a matter of seconds' i thought quite smugly and turned back to see y/n focused on her task

i won't be a second, she won't even notice that i am gone

running over quietly, i am about to start chopping until i notice something on the floor

unsure of what it is, i am sure of two things: it's covered by leaves and it smells awfully

i grab a small stick and push the leaves aside

a shoe?

a blood covered shoe?

why is there a blood covered shoe in the middle of the woods?


a zombie must have been here to be able to do this

without wasting a second, i turn around to start heading back to y/n so i can take her home because this place doesn't seem safe any more

that's when i heard it

her scream

(i apologise for this chapter being so short but i promise to post another one soon to make up for it)

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