chapter forty-four

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jin pov

deciding to do what mr seemingly stone hearted wanted, i walked towards y/n's door

no one is in the hall way since everyone had already gone to bed and yoongi went after our conversation

gently, i place my ear on the cold door to see if i can hear any movement or anything because i don't want to knock and wake her up


there was no light from the small gap underneath the door either so i'm guessing she must have just fallen asleep

well if she is already asleep then there is no reason for me to go in there, wake her up to check on her and then tell her to go back to sleep because i think that would just annoy her to be honest, lord knows it would annoy me if one of the boys did it to me

i guess i will just come back in the morning to see how she is doing

quietly walking to my room, i make a mental note to check on her when i first wake up and then snuggle into my thin covers

i mean i do need my beauty sleep after all

yoongi pov

i have been tossing and turning in my bed for 30 minutes

sleep seems to be avoiding me tonight

you know what

screw it

i know why i can't sleep and i'm not just gonna ignore it

i am worried. 

i am worried about y/n.

she seemed so shaken by what happened and it must be a lot for her to handle

so i am gonna do it

i'm gonna check on her

'okay, if i see anyone on my way, i can just tell them i am getting some water' i plan to myself as i slowly open my room door to see the dark hallway area

i quickly and quietly make my way over to y/n's room and knock on her door


looking around left to right to see if anyone has left there room, i place my ear to the door to see if i could hear anything

still nothing

god if anyone saw me in this position they would think i was such a creep

despite not hearing a reply, i enter her dimly lit room which seems to only have the moon illuminating it from her small window

but that was enough to see the shine of the tear stains on her cheek and notice how tightly she is holding onto that teddy bear

she must be having such a hard time

without thinking, i softly sit on her bed and stroke her hair (in a none weird way)

i keep forgetting how young she is

i should never have agreed to take her with me

i should have know by namjoon's cheeky grin that she didn't actually want to come but it was actually just to embarrass her

i should have thought more about her safety

me-"im sorry. im so sorry. i promise i won't let anything happen to you." i gently whispers out and then slowly gets off of her bed

gently moving a piece of hair that was blocking her face, i leave her room and head back to mine

feeling much more at ease, i let darkness take over and fall asleep

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