chapter forty-three

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jin pov

we sent y/n to bed around 20 minutes ago and now all of us were sat round the dining table as if we were having a meeting

tae-"i just don't think we should let her go out."


jungkook-"tae's right, i mean it's safest for her"

tae-"then we can make sure nothing bad happens to her since she will be here"

namjoon-"well we can't just keep her in here"

yoongi-"you think keeping her locked in the house like a prisoner would be better for her" he gestured at tae and jungkook

jungkook-"it's better than seeing all the deaths out there"

tae-"yeah she's already been through enough! i mean think about it: she's still traumatised from her 'uncle', she's lost her parents and has to deal with zombies trying to kill her and the only people she has"

j-hope-"and think about how much worse it would be for her mental health if she could never leave"

me-"yeah we don't want to make her feel trapped"

'well we have to come up with a solution' i thought to myself although it seems that it will never happen

namjoon-"i think we should let her out but" he paused and looked over to tae and jungkook who already looked displeased with his suggestion "only when she is with at least one of us and it is planned so we all know it is happening "

jungkook-"but we all need to know where she is going so we can decide if it is safe enough"

yoongi-"jesus christ it's not like we are going to be leading her to a pit of zombies" he said earning a glare from tae and jungkook

namjoon-"so that's what is happening. she gets to go out with at least one of us if the place has been 'okayed' and it is planned, everyone okay with that?" he questioned the last part in a frustrated tone and earned a few yeses, a couple nods and one 'i suppose'

j-hope-"now that this has been sorted, i'm going to bed if that's okay?" he looked at namjoon for approval and recived a nod so got up and was followed by most of the others except me and yoongi

i only stayed to make sure the all left and was going to bed, i don't really know what he's doing


me-"yes yoongi?"

yoongi-"i think you should go and check on y/n. either now or in the morning, she seemed a bit...shaken by the whole thing today"

me-"i will do, but might i ask, why aren't you?"

yoongi-"i think you are a lot better at comforting than me" i nodded

fair enough, i am the best after all

me-"well good night yoongi"

yoongi-"good night" he repeated and then followed me out and went to his room

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