Golden Blessings Pt.3

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| Writer's POV |

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| Writer's POV |

Six months had passed quickly, two years since Tsukiko had left Fairy Tail. She closely followed the dreadful events from her friend Mavis, although she knew otherwise, the horrid fearful feeling was always there. However, due to Fairy Tail being away, for the time being, she and Rusalka were now able to venture closer to the cities again.

In the same year that Fairy Tail disappeared, a new guild took the number one spot, Sabertooth. It had been a rather unsuccessful small guild beforehand but with the new Master, Jiemma Orland, his daughter Minerva, and four other members. Two dragon slayers, Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney, a memory make mage, Rufus Lore and finally a god slayer, Orga Nanagear. Tsukiko had watched the guild rise up through the ranks, and it was where she was planning to stay because even though the trials were on, she would take longer missions for the security of the people there. Rusalka thought that she had grown careless, but she knew that both of them needed a place to stay for a while, even if just for a year. As much as surviving in the outside world was a pleasantry for them, they would eventually need to settle down.

With the Nachtkrapp now a member of her spirit world, Tsukiko and Rusalka could travel a lot easier, but they also had someone else to care for. The old bird quickly caught up with the two girls and had actually learned how to shrink itself down to the size of a normal raven, often sitting on Tsukiko's shoulder and wandering Earthland with the duo.

Rusalka and Tsukiko had both taken to wearing cloaks to shroud their faces from the public, but also so Tsukiko could let her more animal features show. Although her normal everyday sense was increased due to her animal side, actually having her features on show increased them significantly. This also helped the girls with hiding away in case anyone who could recognise Tsukiko walked past them.

Whilst walking through the woods surrounding a small village, the group heard noises. Noises that indicated fighting. They followed the noises and found them to be caused by a group of fifteen bear-like monsters, fighting them were two boys. One with blonde hair and the other with black hair.

Rusalka looked at Tsukiko and smirked, just the people they were looking for.

The small group watched as the boys fought roughly half of the bears as the others prowled around and watched. The two boys worked in complete unison, and although younger they managed to take down over half of the beasts. Then the others started to attack them, the blonde one got hit and the black-haired boy became distracted by his friend's injury. Tsukiko watched as the boy nearly got hit before he turned into shadows and smiled at his back before walking out and allowing Natchkrapp to grow to its full size in front of the two boys. They exclaimed in wonder and backed away from the old bird as Tsukiko walked past the two and straight to the beasts.

"Nachtkrapp. Feast." Tsukiko walked to the beasts to the right whilst her old friend walked to the ones on the left. Rusalka had walked behind the boys and was just standing behind them watching her friends fight and kill the last of the bear-like monsters.

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