Chapter twenty-one

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I felt a small body fall on top of mine.

A jumble of female words followed as my body became squashed against the comfort of my bedsheets and I was forced to fully wake up.

"Morning, bitch. My head hurts like hell."

As did mine. It felt like a ton of bricks had dropped onto my skull. No matter how many times I got drunk it was never worth the pain afterwards.

I sat up slightly and opened my eyes. "What time is it?".

"I'm not sure, I don't really care."

"My head fucking hurts."

She mumbled her agreement and wrapped her arms tighter around me and closed her eyes.

I put my hand up to my forehead and rubbed my temples.

"I found Maeko," She sighed, as if it took her so much effort just to speak.

"Really? Where was he?"

He'd gone missing towards the end of the night, wondered up stairs and he hadn't come back.

She scrunched her nose up, "Passed out by the toilet."

Of course. Of course Maeko was passed out by the toiled

I huffed a laugh and began trying to roll her body off of mine. But she gripped on tighter. She didn't budge.

"I heard my name?" Maekos voice filled the room as he trudged towards us.

"Shit, you summoned him," I whispered to Lyssa.

Maeko looked at me. I looked back at him. His head turned, and then he began charging to my bed.

Oh hell no.

"Maeko no!" Alyssa's eyes widened.

My ribs got crushed when Maeko inevitably jumped on top of us, Lyssa squeeled and tried to free herself, I groaned but just let it happen.

"Fucking hell Maeko I can't breathe!"

"That's too bad." He grinned down at my distressed face as he fully relaxed his body. Causing my ribs to crush just a little bit more.

I grabbed his head and pushed it back but he just stuck his tongue out and followed the movement of my hand until I was forced to let go because his fat tongue was way to close to my hand.

"You're gross."

"You love it." He grinned.

"I don't." I sarcastically grinned back at him.

"She loves me, though," Lyssa chimed in, her words coming out in a long breath as she gasped for air.

I nodded. And we all quickly rolled to the side when a weight pressed down on my bed. Azael propped his head up on a hand as he eyed us.

His chest was bare, but before I could bitch at him about it, I looked down and released his top was clothing my body. And then I remembered him drunkenly putting it on me. Thankfully the shirt sleeves were long enough, and the top itself was big enough on me that it covered most of my bare skin showing.

I ignored that weird part of the night, mainly because it hurt my head too much to so much as think about it.

He stared at us, eyes glinting with amusement. What he most-likely saw when he looked at us was two, suffocating females underneath a male who was 'hugging' us, but it was more like he was wrapping us in a ball, Maeko also looked like he was still intoxicated from the alcohol we had hours ago.

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