Chapter twenty-three

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"Okay, what are you wearing?" Lyssa sat at the edge of my bed, her umber legs dangling off the edge of the mattress in a skintight, black dress.

She'd arrived twenty minutes ago with all of her 'gear' as she liked to call it, and applied makeup to my face. After, of course, taking of the smudged mascara from underneath my eyes that I hadn't taken off yesterday.

I gathered my dark hair into my hands and tied is together to stop it from getting in my way whilst I dressed. I shrugged. "Probably a t-shirt and sweats."

Silence answered after that as I opened the doors to my wardrobe.


"Mhm?" The hangers clashed together as I rumbagged through my wardrobe of dull colours.

Lyssa had once told me once that my wardrobe was the most depressing thing she had ever seen. I had told her to go buy me some clothes to spice it up and I'd pay her back. Plus 10% more. She'd refused.

"You can't wear sweats to a party," A low creak from my bed sounded, indicating that she had laid down.

"I know,"

"But... you're going to wear them?"

"Yes because I really can't be arsed to dress of for a party thrown by Mia," I pulled a grey top out, "And I don't have shit to wear,"

Her answering grin in the mirror of the wardrobe door was anything but comforting.

"I knew you would say this, I fucking knew you would say this!" A gust of wind escaped my nose as I turned to face her but she was already rushing to her bag.

"So, I came prepared."

Of course she did.

I watched as she pulled a simple but figure hugging, red dress from her bag.

"This," She pointed at it, "Is hot, you should wear it,"

It was very short and very low cut, which is why I nodded. Fuck the t-shirt and sweats.

"I'm not promising that this is going to be in mint condition when I give it back," I pulled the dress from her hands and placed it on the bed as I began pulling my shorts down, I picked up my legs when they slid to my ankles took them off.

The dress was tight but besides that I had gotten it half-on pretty easily.

I walked to my bathroom, locking the door as I began to take my top off.

"Yeah that's, I knew it wouldn't be," She called through the door.

I slid the straps of the crimson dress up my arms and threw on the black jacket that was always thrown somewhere in my bathroom.

"Don't, like... tear it or anything, though."

"yeah, yeah, I wont," I rearranged my breasts in the dress and then flung open the door.

"Yes? No? Maybe so?"

"Yes," Her instant reply was comforting, "You can't wear that jacket, though,"

I pressed my hands to hers and pulled her up, urging her to move so we could actually go.

"Oh yes, I can,"

She raised her eyebrows at me, so I fucking raised mine back until I threw her out of the door. Her groan could have been heard from all points of the house.

"Who's taking us?"

"My dad."

I cringed waiting to hear her answer.

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