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Today was a normal day for (y/n). Nagatoro was in the room while he was playing the guitar. Nagatoro decided to tease him a bit.

Nagatoro: wow senpai, you play that guitar like a virgin.

No reaction, shes really running out of insults.

Nagatoro: damnit... You look real gross today senpai.

Still no response

Nagatoro: damn... 'how should I get a reaction out of him. He barely is reacting... I got it!'

Nagatoro: huh senpai, you should just rot in a hole if you aren't gonna say anything or do anything.

She smiled but internally was screaming at herself, saying she went to far but she but she kept going.

Nagatoro: your really useless y'know senpai, little old useless senpai can't do anything on his own.

She kept going even though her gut was telling to shut the fuck up.

Nagatoro: maybe you should rot in a hole, the world is better off without such a useless gross virgin.

This was the final straw.

(y/n): would you just shut your god damn mouth for once in your life! What is fucking wrong with you! I just want to have a normal life with friends and be happy but I can't!

Nagatoro then realized that she fuck up.

Nagatoro: s-s-senpai I-im sorr-

(y/n): get out.

Nagatoro: wha-

(y/n): I said. Get out!!!

She backed away from him and grabbed her stuff and then ran out of the class room.

Gamo's pov

I was on my way to paisen when I saw nagatoro booking it out of the music club room. I tried to call her over but she kept running.

I thought that paisen must have done something to her. But when I opened the door I saw him on the floor crying.

I ran over to him.

Gamo: paisen, What happened!?

(y/n): g-gamo?

Gamo: yes paisen, it's me Gamo. But can you please tell me what happened.

He just cried more, I hugged him. After a bit he asked me a question.

(y/n): Gamo, am I useless?

What the fuck happened? Did nagatoro do this?

Gamo: no paisen, you aren't useless. Why would you think that?

(y/n): ...

Gamo: not in the mood to talk about it. Ok let's at least get on the couch since it's more comfortable.

He nodded and then we sat on the couch, I hugged him again and he buried his face inti the area between my boobs and my shoulder. After a bit, he slipped down into my chest when he fell asleep. I blushed a little.

Gamo: 'ehat the fuck happened before I got here. Was Nagatoro the cause of this, if so I'm gonna-'

I was cut off by (y/n)'s sleep talking.

(y/n): Gamo...*hugs Gamo tighter*

I was a blushing mess and almost passed out but i calmed myself down and then laid back on the couch with (y/n) still buried into my chest and I soon succumbed to sleep also.

Sorry for short chapter and bad writing (─.─||)

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