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"So he's in love with you? Like.. madly in love?" Ryuu asked for the fifth time making Katsu have his hand over his eyes sighing as Misa giggled thinking it was cute as you nodded having the patience. "Couldn't we just kidnap you?" You stuttered as Katsu scoffed chuckling. "Yeah let's just take off the pillow sheets, put them over [Y/N]'s head and walk out the front door like we don't have a CEO having all the power in the world to end us once he sees her with us." Ryuu chuckled awkwardly scooting back in the chair as he kept quiet, he was sorta trying to lighten the mood. He got up going to the pizza box getting a slice. "Since you have the phone what do you plan do with it?" You held it in the palm of your hands as Ryuu came back in the conversation. "It's to talk to us secretly, isn't that right Cinderella?" You smiled nodding your head as Katsu was impressed smiling at Ryuu. "How'd you know?"

"I didn't, I just guessed." Katsu shrugged his shoulders not bothering to ask and know what's going on in Ryuu's head, though Katsu envied Ryuu; he had a calm head, a calm mind - while Katsu was worried that he couldn't just stay here with you, or he didn't know what was going on with you every second he's away. "Right now Nobu had told men to install a secret hiding spot for me to hide this in there." They both nodded as Ryuu opened the soda pouring himself a cup as Misa tilted her head. "Why are you eating now?" Ryuu glanced at her chugging down the drink exhaling. "Because I'm hungry, what other reason should I have to eat? You could get some if you're hungry." She shook her head along with her hand a bit. "You sure? Are you what that guard said? That you rich people are too good for pizza?" She gasped opening the box picking up a slice surprising Ryuu that he almost fell to the side since she pushed him out of the way. "That's not true, and I'll prove it to you." He lifted his eyebrows waiting to see if her words were true. She opened her mouth taking a bite humming as Ryuu knew what the hum meant making him chuckle.

"Okay while those two are in their own world, how do you know the men Nobu ordered won't just tell Daisuke?" You looked down at the phone turning it around so the face would face you, then to the back doing it like a circle. "Nobu admitted that he would never lie or hide things from Daisuke, but after he's seen his attitude and actions himself. He said he couldn't stand on the sidelines, Daisuke trusts him a lot, though it's sad that whatever nobu tells him regarding me is a lie now." Katsu nodded sitting next to you taking off his cap revealing his shiny light brown hair glancing at you with his light chocolate eyes. "Well, we can plan your escape once we figure out how we're gonna deal with the situation you're in now." You smiled feeling emotional, Katsu from the start was on your side, he would stick up for you. He would defend you. He smiled back scooting more closer to you throwing an arm over you bringing you into a hug. "You're not alone [Y/N]." You nodded as you hugged him back as your head rested on his chest hearing his heartbeat, you focused on his heartbeat that it was beating fast that you rose your head looking at his face that it had a tint of red across his cheeks. "Well, why don't we start that planning?" You scooted yourself from Katsu seeing Ryuu sit down in the small chair as Misa sat to the small chair near Katsu.

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