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December 20th

Y/N's POV:

I laid there, looking at the ceiling, feeling nothing. Time goes by so slow, not being able to move around. The thing that hurt the most was not my body or injuries... It was the fact I couldn't go and see Taehyung. Everything happened so fast. My shoulder is still healing and Nobody realized I had another gunshot wound and neither did I. It was in my abdomen area. Now, I am on bed rest until the end of the week. The chief told me that I would only be allowed to get up to use the bathroom nothing else. I couldn't get up to walk or my wound could open. This physically drained me. Of course, Jungkook and the rest of the boys would give me daily updates, but still, it wasn't the same. I continued to look at the ceiling and had tears coming out of my eyes. I then heard a knock which brought me back to reality.

"Hey," said Namjoon as he slowly opened the door and walked in. "There are some people who want to see you," he said. I saw my mom and B/F/N come in. I smiled. They came very often when they found out what happened. However, whenever they come, I was sleeping. They both came in and brought a box of food. "Mom..." I said. she looked up and nodded. "How's Tae?" I said. "I am not sure honey, but I will go check up on him in a bit. All alright?" she said and I nodded. That's when the chief walked in with the interns. "Present," he said and Jackson began to present the case. After he was done, he asked the interns to head to the next room, but closed the door and stayed in the room. "I wanted to check your wound real quick," he said and looked at the wound. He shook his head. "Is it bad?" I asked scared of what he would say. Then he smiled, "No, actually it's the exact opposite. It's healing a bit faster than expected. Though you are still not allowed to be walking too much I will allow you to be walking a bit but continue to rest more. " the chief said. "So, does this mean..." I said as my voice cracked and tears in the brim of my eyes.

"Yes, you can see him. Please don't force yourself if you aren't ready, and don't put any stress on your wounds," he said. I smiled and nodded. Then came Hoseok with a wheelchair. He had a cast on but was still able to be working. He smiled and asked, "Are you ready?" I nodded. soon the chief and hoseok helped me get up and in the wheelchair. My mother and B/F/N followed behind. We walked down the hall and soon we were in the ICU. My heart was racing. Then we reached his room and there he was. The love of my life, fighting for his life. He was hooked on a ventilator and seeing him in his state hurt. Hoseok put his hand on my shoulder and looked at me. I couldn't say anything but he knew I was ready to see Tae. He pushed me near the bedside and left. "We will be right outside, and the chief said you could only be here for two hours before you had to be back in bed." My mother said and I nodded.

With no hesitation I held his hand, It was warm. "Hey, Tae, It's me. They finally let me see you. I miss you. Please keep fighting you are doing great." I said and held my tears. "I know, you probably can't hear me but if you can, just know that I love you and care for you, and will be here every step of the way," I said and kissed his hand. Oh, how I wish he would respond and open his eyes. Then I heard someone come in quietly. It was Min yoongi, "Hey, Y/n, how are you doing?" he asked while examining vitals. "I'm ok... How is he?" I said. "Well, we are just waiting for him to wake up, he is healing and getting better, but still..." he said not wanting to finish the sentence because I knew what he was going to say. I nodded and he continued to finish his examination and then began to write notes in his chart. "I'll be back-" he said but then I felt a squeeze in my hand. I looked up and yoongi noticed it too. "Taehyung, if you can hear me squeeze my hand," he said and did so. Soon he opened his eyes slowly and began to panic because of the ventilator. "Taehyung, I am here, they will take it out soon. okay?" I said and felt him squeeze my hand again. I was escorted out because they needed to help him as soon as possible.

After what seemed forever, the nurses left and soon yoongi walked out and pushed me back in the room, "Y/n-.." he said in a cracked voice. I nodded and he smiled. He couldn't speak much since he still had an oxygen mask. "How are you feeling?" I asked. He smiled and lifted his hand to put it on my cheek. He was wiping the tears from my eyes and said in a soft voice, "Don't cry love, I'm here now." said and I smiled. Hoseok came back in and said hello to taehyung and check upon him. then he said, "Y/n, Though you may hate me right now, we have to take you back," he said and I nodded. "I'll see you, tomorrow love, " Tae said. I asked Hoseok to help me stand up and he helped me. I walked a bit and leaned over to give a kiss on his forehead. he held my hand a bit and pulled down his mask. I pecked his lips really quick and he smiled. Then I sat back down and waved bye and he smiled. As we walked back to my room I asked Hoseok, "Can you or one of the boys stay with him, please?" I said. He nodded, "don't worry he will be fine, You'll see him tomorrow but it is late now and time for you to rest." he said. Then helped me back in bed and soon I fell fast asleep knowing that he was still here with me.

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