-First meet with my Childhood Boy Bestfriend- Chapter One

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Hi I'm Alice Tong Heiro im 28 years old
and I'm the wife of Leo Heiro and I'm the one who was been forcing by my parent so let me tell my story how I been forced...

Since I was young I dream to be a CEO and having my own company.

One day my parents told me that we have visitors going to our house.

(Tong's House)

On the next day, the visitor arrived but I'm still sleeping well the maid wake me up cause the visitor will arrive soon, so I rash over ready myself cause the visitor arrives now.

The Zen family arrives, hello Mrs. and Mr. Zen feel welcome to my house Mrs. Xia said, thanks to Mrs.Xia by the way my son is here so maybe your daughter will know each other, and Mrs.Xia agrees with what Mrs. Jade said.

Alice is very nervous about to boys so Alice tried to close to Dennis, Dennis is so cold to Alice cause he didn't want to close to her but Alice seems sad why Dennis never wanted to make a friend to her.

(Tong's Library)

One time Dennis go to Alice house and he have to tell to her so Dennis saw Alice sitting alone in the library so he came with her, Am hi Alice am did I even disturb you and I wanted to say to you that I am very sorry about why that time I'm never like make friend with you and I know is not even simple to reject someone, but Alice was smile and she said oh but it's ok I didn't want you to force that you want to make a friend on me, so Alice and Dennis because half closer.

(Tong's Living room)

A maid can you find Alice and also can you come here to me I wanted to talk to her, can you? Yes, Mrs.Xia, the maid said, the maid was searching Alice where is she, The maid finally found her she only there in the library and she also with Dennis, Excuse me? Ms. Alice your mother wanted to talk to you so you just come to her, so Alice gets out in the library and goes to her mother but Dennis also gets out too.

(At Living Room)

Hi mom so what are you going to talk to me about?
Alice said, By the way, we're going to Paris and there we will leave now, What? But mom but why are we going left this house? Alice said,
I'm sorry my dear you know your father has been transferred to his boss to work there and he never wanted us to stay here alone Mrs.Xia said, Alice agree about her mother said but Alice didn't want to leave his friend Dennis, but Dennis heard all that Alice mother talk to her, Dennis seems sad Alice will going to leave him.

On other days Alice and her parents ready their things to go to Paris and they going left their old house.

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