Chapter 29

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Jimin POV

As instructed by Namjoon, Jin took Y/N to her bedroom as the others followed him, including me. Why did she suddenly faint? She was alright- she was totally fine, but then all of a sudden...she fainted? What's happening to her? God, please help her. I'm in love with this girl...

I examined her with adoration and worry, as she lay on her bed, peacefully unconscious. Jin palmed her forehead, verifying her temperature.

"Is she sick, Jin?" Jungkook questions, his doe eyes gazing at Jin, expecting for an answer.

"It doesn't seem like it to me..." He contemplates before continuing, "Do you think she's on her periods?!"

"What?!" At his unexpected question about Y/N's you-know-what, the rest of us in the room; including me, shrieked. Eyeing around the chamber, I studied the expressions of the males, as I felt my own face heat up. Now, that was expected. My specialty is identifying attitude changes and studying a person's emotions. It really comes in handy at times, even if it appears worthless. For an instance, I could assume if an individual is dishonest and even if the individual looks straight in the eye, displaying no indications of nervousness. Quite extraordinary, in my view.

While the others recover from their flustered faces, my eyes stay on Y/N weakened state. My eyes slightly widen as I see her squirm and finally awaken.



Ugh, my head

Where am I?

I need to go to the Church as soon as possible.

"Where is the Church building?" You inquire as quickly as you had sat up straight.

"Church? Why do you want to go to the Church?"

That's when you realize you weren't alone and the men were with you, concerned of your health. You needed to thank them, but you were in a rush. You have to leave to the Church. ASAP.

"There isn't time to explain, Hoseok. I have to go." You tell, making sure you seem desperate enough, so they would permit you to leave. Hoseok shared a worried gaze at Namjoon, and he too, returned it, finally looking at you.

"Y/N, I know why you're trying to go to the Church." Namjoon pauses for a while, "Is it Kang Bora?"

Well, shit. How the hell did he know you were gonna go there to see Kang Bora?

No, you had to come up with an excuse. There was no other way; you didn't want them hurt.

"Ah, n-no, w-what? W-Who said it was her?" You were a stammering mess, and you couldn't help it; you were too nervous. They'll believe you, 'cause you were always like this...yeah, you were a weak girl, who can't stand up for herself. It was always who you were. Even when your parents passed away, you were the one blamed, when even you hadn't known the cause of their death. Life is unfair.

"We can tell it from your pale face, Y/N." You glared at Yoongi, which in return just rolled his eyes.

"My face is not pale!"

"Uh huh."

"Sarcastic as always." Now, it was your turn to roll your eyes. He's truly testing my nerves.

"Okay! God, these two fight a lot!" Jungkook ends the silence, easing up the built up tension in the area.

Ignoring your annoyance, you make a start on pleading all over again.

"I promise! Its not her! Please, I just want to explore this city- even if its ruined." Wow, that turned out smoother than you thought.

"Y/N, you promised, okay? You aren't lying, are you?" Your gaze moves to Jimin, who had been attentively listening to the conversation, but had decided not to interrupt.

You hesitated, though you didn't have much of an option. I'm sorry, Jimin. I have- no, I need to do this alone...for the reason that I- I LOVE YOU! At that instant, of you gazing at Jimin, you felt like weeping, you wanted to go and strangle him with cuddles. Not only him, but with the others too. I'm sorry...

You examine the other men who also were awaiting for your response.

"No, I'm not."

"Okay then. Since, the others approve, I'm too fine with it." Jin, who was staying near you scanned the men, waiting for confirmation. "You do approve, right?" Hesitantly, they gently nod their heads, and that's when you began lamenting your life preferences.

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