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This Book is officially complete!!!


This story will take place in the timeline of the show. It follows what happens in the show with a couple of added parts that do not affect the timeline. As for the rest, it is an X Reader, I'm sure the majority of you already know the abbreviations, but if not I will list them below.

And if you would like to change it to an OC or change the name (Y/N) or details about yourself, I recommend using a word changer extension. I use Word Replacer II and I can walk you through how to use it too! If you want to stick with (Y/N) then just skip to the bolded letters.

This only works on the computer, sorry.

1. You will google Word Replacer II and click Add to Chrome

2. A "wr" icon should show up in your extensions toolbar. Click on it and then click settings.

3. On the left side of the page you should click "new" and put in "(Y/N)" or any details like "(H/C)" or "(E/C)" in the first box, in the second box you should put what you want to replace that word with, like your name, or hair color, or eye color. - I will have a list of the ones I use so you can replace them.

4. Make sure the box is checked.

5. On the right side click "Override" for Letter Case and then click "Apply to Selected". That's all! If you want to turn it off just click on the icon and click on the button that says "Enabled" That will switch it to disabled!


These are all the abbreviations I used!

(Y/N) - Your Name

(N/N) - Your Nickname

(H/C) - Your Hair Color

(E/C) - Eye Color

That's pretty much it.

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