-Alice has been lock- Chapter Three

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Alice is almost staying away in Leo, Jackie and Fara saw Alice she's going in the classroom, Fara thinking first what she will do worst in Alice, Jackie say to Fara what if they tried to look alone Alice in the classroom and she will never come out, Fara agreed and they do their plan, Fara and Jackie lock the door but Alice
is almost there in the classroom.

Fara and Jackie is the one bully in Alice,
in 3 minutes ago Alice want to go in the restroom now, Alice tried to open the door
but it locks, Alice wondering why the door is locked.

Alice screams for needs help cause she has been locked,
Marco heard that someone screaming.

Marco finds who is screaming away.

Alice is very tired of screaming to help her,
Alice thinking that why she would jump off in the window to escape, Marco is also trying to open room A-2 Marco been wonder why this door is been locked, Marco go to the teachers' room and give him a key to open the room
A-2, Alice is scared to jump in the window but Marco is finally open the door, Marco saw
Alice that she will go to jump off.

Alice, what are you doing? Are you going to jump off in the window? Marco said,
Wait, Marco? Am yes cause the door is been lock that's why I think that I going to jump off nowhere in the window Alice said,
Alice is going down now, Thanks Marco for opening me here Alice said, it's ok Alice but now your safe Marco said.

Alice and Marco go to the CCTV room who is the one been locked Alice in the classroom,
There are already in CCTV room.

(CCTV's room)

Alice and Marco saw the one who had been locked Alice it was Jackie and Fara, Jackie and Fara has been called and bring them to detention for 1 hour, Fara is very mad cause Alice is also know that she had been locked in the classroom but Fara has been thought what her second plan.

Alice now goes home cause the class is over now, Alice ride on the bus alone, Alice remembers in the past and she also misses Dennis and their old house.

(At Tong's House)

Alice is already home, Hi mom and dad I'm home Alice said, Alice parents is not home and there are busy at work, Alice is alone at home

—Skip now in 5 years later.

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