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E L L I E    R O S E ~

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E L L I E    R O S E ~

Few Hours later ~

I slowly opened my eyes to see Mason sleeping peacefully on his stomach and our lips were only inches away. He's looking so hot right now. Without thinking anything, I pressed my lips against his and as I was about to pulled back Mason grabbed the back of my neck kissing me back. He travelled his hand down between my legs causing me to moan into the kiss. His fingers began to playing with my clit and he deepened the kiss.

"You're fucking soaking" he growled.

"Please.. " I plead against his lips and moving more closer to his body causing him to smirk.

"Tell me what do you want?" He teased,

"I-I want y-your fingers inside m-me" I managed to speak and he slide two fingers deeper Inside me Causing me to cried out. Mason began to pumping his fingers in and out of me in faster pace while his lips kiss down my throat. He keep fucking me with his expert fingers until my toes began to get curled.

"Oh my-" I Moan loudly feeling his fingers curled inside me. Before I knew, I already met my Cum. I closed my eyes trying to catch breath. He pulled out his fingers and bought it to his mouth before sucking it. His eyes closed as he let out a low growl. As I thought we're done, he'd another plan in his mind.

"We're not done yet, bella" he smirked getting on top of me and pressing a kiss on my lips. A moan escaped from my mouth when he began to rub his hard bludge against mine.

"Fuck" he cursed underneath his breath and without any warning, Mason slammed himself inside me causing me to cry out by his name. He didn't gave me a time to adjust and began to thrust into me faster. The bed began to shaking as his thrusts got harder and deeper. My eyes roll back as he was Pounding into my g- spot.

"Fuck, You're still so tight, baby" he grunted Thrusting harder and more deeper than before. He grabbed my one leg and wrapped it around his waist, groaning and thrusting into me.

"Ellie, Are you okay?" I heard my mom from the other side of the door and my eyes to grow widened. I cried out as Mason didn't stopped and keep thrusting into me.

"Ellie?! What's going on? Are you okay?!" Mom Shout. Tears filled my eyes as the pleasure was too much.

"M-mom! I'm- ah- Okay!" I managed to speak and peek behind me to see Mason already smirking at me. He grabbed a hold of my hair and pulled it back. His lips pressed against my ear.


"Okay than.." that's all she said when I buried my face against the pillow, muffling my screams. His head falling back and his eyes closed as he pound into my hole mercilessly, Before I knew I was already meeting my first orgasm. After few thrusts later, Mason release himself, my name Slipping off his lips. I was seeing stars and I closed my eyes trying to breathe. He pulled out himself from inside of me and laid down beside me. How can Someone have so much energy in them? He has that horse stamina. Mason gently kiss my lips.

"Damn, così fottutamente bella" he Whispered brushing my hair from my face. I swear, foreign language coming out from this sexy man will turn you on immediately. I lean in and kiss him on his lips. Mason cursed against my lips and my eyes grow widened as I felt his growing bludge.

"Mason I'm sore" I whispered causing him to let out a beautiful deep chuckle.

"I know bella, I just can't get enough of you. If I could I would've Fuck you all the day until You're begging me to stop" he licked his lips. I glanced at his lips than looked back-up into his darkened blue eyes. I bite down on my lip when glanced at my lips. His eyes were getting more darkened as he gently pulled out my lip from between my teeth with his thumb. [So fucking beautiful]

"Fuck, don't do that" he growled.

I tangled my fingers into his hair and crashed my lips against his while his hand slide down between my legs.

"Mason.." I moaned.

Few Hours later ~

I put on my outfit for the rest of the day and adjusted my hair before walking out from the closet to see Mason sitting on the Edge of the bed, looking down at his phone.

"I'm ready" I smiled at him. Mason avert his eyes from the phone and set it on me. His lips fell apart as his eyes checked me from up to down and let out a cursed. He shoved his phone inside his pocket and get up from the bed before walking to me and pressing his lips against mine. My back hit the wall behind me.

"You've no fucking idea, how damn sexy you're looking right now" he growled against my lips. I couldn't help but Blushed at his compliment. A gasp left my lips as he slide his hands down to my ass and squeezed my right cheek.

"Ellie, lunch is ready!" Mom Shout from the downstairs. Mason let out a sighed and I pulled away from him with smirk. I walked to the door and look at him.

"Are you just gonna stand there?" I asked as he stand there leaning against the wall with a sexy smirk plastered on his face.

"I won't mind to enjoy the view" he winked at me Causing me to roll my eyes. I walked downstairs to the kitchen with Mason to see mom talking on her phone. My heart suddenly starts to beat faster. God please, Do something so that mom likes mason. Mom turned around and sweetly smiled at us. She end the call and walked to us.

"Oh My- Who's this Handsome man, Ellie?" Mom asked with slightest widened eyes.

"I'm Mason Williams" Mason smiled at mom.

"I'm Juliet, Ellie's Mother" Mom replied smiling back. I frowned in xonfused as I watched them talking with each other.

"You two have lunch, I'd to make a urgent phone call" I nodded my head and mom left the kitchen.

"I'm surprised she liked you" I spoke making him smile.

I was about to move but Mason pulled me closer to him by my hips.

"Mason" I glared at him and he let out a beautiful deep chuckle. It was like music to my ear.

"I was thinking of having something else for the lunch" he spoke huskily into my ear while his fingers making circles on my hips. I bite down on my lip knowing where it's going to end.

"What do you want on the menu, Mr Williams?" A moan left my lips and he let out a cursed underneath his breath. A grinned pulling on his lips.


(Ellie's Outfit)

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(Ellie's Outfit)

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