Chapter Five

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Stephan's Point of View

Five cars were lined up in a row, my car stood directly behind the white starting line, a crowd filled with drunken guys and beautiful women surrounded us as they cheered, screaming as loud as they were able to. The road was lit up with street lights and car lights shone brightly on the dull tar. A blonde sexy woman walked to the middle of the street, she strutted her stuff as if she was a super model. She held a cherry red bra in her left hand and used it as a flag. My eyeballs rolled itself around staring at the crowd of people, the roars of the many had pumped me up. It was like a drug that kept me going before I raced and I definitely got my fix.

"I can't do this. I can't, let me out!" Blueberry squealed as she sat in the passenger seat covering her eyes with her hands as if she was watching a horror movie. She reached for the door handle trying to open it and she failed with the attempt to do so.

I chuckled as I watched her.

"It's locked," I smiled. "come on Blueberry relax, you'll enjoy this I promise." I placed my one hand on the steering wheel and allowed my fingers to get comfortable as they tightened around it. I glanced over at her as she was still freaking the fuck out.

"Let me out! Let me out!." She continued to act like a mental patient without meds.

"Too late." I shrugged and started the engine. The roar of engines came from beside me and I could feel the excitement grow in my soul. I glanced over at my Blueberry as she buckled up and pressed herself deep into the seat while shutting her stunning moons of blue. I curled the corners of my mouth up like a fool as I watched her be.

"You ready?" I laughed.

"No! Hell freaken no!"

"Well you have to be." was what I had said before I noticed the blonde girl slice her bra through the air, indicating that it was time to take off and that's exactly what I did.

I slammed down on the gas and changed gears as quickly as I could. My car jetted off as my body felt a change in velocity and the sinking feeling settled in the pit of my stomach.

Shit, I've missed that feeling.

"Oh my god! Oh my freaken God!" Blueberry grabbed my attention with her shriek as she peaked through one eye while we zoomed through the air past everything.

"Embrace it, indulge in the feeling." I yelled over the sound of my engine while keeping my eyes fixed on the road as I was currently in first place.

"What!?" She yelled as I glanced over at her. Her blueberry eyes were now as big as watermelons.

"Stop being afraid! Breathe!" I roared and checked my mirrors before switching lanes. My black leather jacket was uncomfortable to drive in...fuck I should have taken it off,

it's not too late though.

"Blueberry!" I yelled.


"Hold the steering wheel!"

"Are you crazy!" She cocked her head back. "Oh my god! You've completely lost your mind." She continued. I kept my one hand on the steering wheel and reached my other hand across to her. I gazed at her and searched for her hand and then I grabbed it. Just like that. I grabbed it. I intertwined my fingers into hers, thinking that it would calm her down and help her relax,

but fuck I was wrong.

"This is not the time to be holding hands!!" She snapped and pulled her hand from mine. I took a sharp turn and noticed that the road ahead was straight. It was time to speed up. I checked my rearview mirror and saw a blood red Porche 9/11 trailing behind me. Fuck sake, that could only be one person.

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