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And i'm backkk, i was really busy with vaca.... hahah, but uhm....idk What to say so....lets just get started....


Unknown pov:

Anndd, another morning.....only 2 days left until the ball!,

We still have to install those camera's in the little ones room...we'll do that later today, for now, i'm hungry.

I walk downstairs, to be greeted by my usual men.

"Good morning boss"
Drakov says.

"Good morning men"
I reply.

I'm greeted with some good mornings, and i sit down and eat breakfast with my men.

After breakfast we are just chatting while more men gather.

"Boss, the outfits for the girl will arrive today"
Olive says.

"Okay, when they do, bring them to me, i want to check if they fit the small little thing"
I said.

He nodded in understanding, and we continued our conversations.

"Alright, i'm gonna get the little one, i'll be right back"
I said.

"Want me to make a bottle ready?"
Vladimir asked.

"Nah, she can wait a bit"
I replied

He nodded, and with that i made my way through the house, and to the basement, i passed some cells, and finally made it to the coldest place of all, Allina's room.

I opened it and walked inside.

As yesterday, there was no crying....But I did hear faint whines.

I walked over to the crib, and looked down at a shivering, white pale, tear stained, whining and tiny tiny baby.

She looked even worse then yesterday. If that was possible.

"Goodmorning Baby Girl"
I said.

I wanted to stroke her cheek, but emediatly pulled my hand back when i felt how hot she was.

"Ow, god your really sick aren't you pretty little thing?"
I said more to myself.

She was a whining mess......god What do i do with....this?

I placed my hands under her tiny armpits and placed my point and middle finger against the back of her head to support it, and picked her up.

She whined even more and the tears started coming again.... she began crying, but it was muffled by the pacifier.

I placed her against my chest and rocked abit, her crying lowered abit, and she was now just whining.

I looked at her face, to see she was battling with her eyes, to keep them open...guess she didn't sleep well...

I made my way out of the room, and walked past some cells, i then walked up the stairs, and made.my way to the living room, i walked in and grinned at my men.

I sat down on the lounge chair, and looked down at The Little Fire on my chest, who btw was still whining and having her silent tears.

( Okay, i forgot to put this in chapter 15, but basically he called her
Little Fire, because Her middle name, Aideen, means Little Fire.
Thought you would get confused other wise)

"Boss.....she looks even more sick than yesterday....."
Vladimir said.

"I know....her head feels like i'm touching fire"
I replied.

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