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E L L I E R O S E ~

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E L L I E R O S E ~

It was Friday afternoon and it was almost my time to go home. I closed my laptop and took a deep breath. I grabbed the mug of my black coffee from the desk and took a sip of it. I'm done with all my meetings and cases by now. My only goal right now is to the win the next case against Vincenzo Ferrari. My biggest rival. I put the mug down and grabbed my bag, adjusting my hair and dress. It's time to go home.

"Hey, Cara mia" I looked up to see the devil, 'Vincenzo Ferrari' standing leaning against the door framed with arm crossed over his chest. A gorgeous smirk playing on his handsome face .

"Ah, Mr Ferrari, what are you doing here?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest. "I can't help it, I missed you, Cara mia" he replied walking up to my desk causing me to roll my eyes. He's flirting with me.

Well, two can play the game.

I smirked, walking up to him. "Are you flirting with me?" I narrowed my eyes at him causing him to let out a deep chuckle. It was hot. What the hell am I saying? He move closer to me causing me to step back.

"Trust me, No woman can turned me on the way, you do" he whispered Seductively as I look down. "Mr Ferrari, You're my rival" I looked into his dark green eyes filled with nothing but lust.

"I never thought that I would fight the case against someone so Breathtakingly beautiful, Cara mia" he glanced at my lips, slowly leaning closer. I gulped and step back as soon as Mason come into my mind. I can't do this, what's wrong with me??

Vincenzo tilt his head as I look down, Biting on my lip. I've never felt like this before. What's wrong with me? Vincenzo grabbed me by my waist and pull me closer to him, Causing my eyes to grow slightly widened.

That's when the door got opened revealing Mason, wearing Black shirt. His sleeves were folded revealing his tattoos. holy Moly, he was looking so Breathtakingly handsome and hot in that shirt. He's perfect. His perfect jaw clenched as he looked up at us.

"Mason?" Vincenzo frowned. I swear, I couldn't take my eyes off him. But, wait- did he just call him Mason? But no one call him by his name. Wait- what's going on here?!

"What the fuck is going on here?" Mason asked, his voice dripping with Jealousy and anger as he walked up to us, His beautiful blue eyes were now filled with anger.

"How dare you to fucking touched her?" Mason asked causing Vincenzo to roll his eyes.

"C'mon, why do you even care?" Vincenzo raised his eyebrows and glanced at me as I stared at them with confused.

"Mason-" but he cut me off by leaning closer to my ear.

"I'll deal with you later" he Whispered, angrily. I took a deep breath and look down. He's so angry right now.

I'm so in trouble.

"She's My fucking girl, Touched her again and I'll forget you're my brother" Mason threatened with death glared. His girl?? I felt as my cheeks turning pink. But his brother?? That means Vincenzo Ferrari and Mason Williams are brothers?!

"Well, we'll see that Mason" that's all Vincenzo said before winking at me. I gulped and glanced at Mason to see his jaw Clenched as he watched Vincenzo walking out from my office. He glanced at me and I felt as my heart suddenly starts to beat faster.

"You're so getting punishment, later" he said causing my eyes to grow widened. "But-" I cut off as his hands Grasped my hips and pulled me impossibly closer to his body before crashing his lips down against mine, Aggressively. I Instantly kiss him back wrapping my arms around his neck. He tugged on my bottom lip and kiss me hard. He cursed against my lips before lifting me up by my ass, wrapping my legs around his torso. I slowly broke the kiss for breathe and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. He glanced at my lips and rest his forehead against mine.

"I couldn't get you out from my mind the whole damn day bella" he Whispered gently brushing my hair from my face and stucking it behind my ear. I bite down on my lip, smiling and pecked his lips.

"How did you find out that I'm here?" I asked narrowing my eyes at him causing him to let out a chuckle.

"I'm Mason Williams, darling" he smirked causing me to playfully roll my eyes. I don't know why but I was feeling guilty for some reasons.

"Mason, I'm sorry about the matter with V-" but he cut me off, carrying me to my desk. "I know, baby" he kiss my lips softly and sit me down on the desk, Kissing my forehead. I slightly smiled and looked into his eyes. He gently smiled, caressing my cheeks, looking deep into my eyes.

"That Doesn't mean, you're not getting your punishment" he kiss my cheek than my lips with his sexy smirk making me smile against his lips. I tangled my fingers into his hair, Kissing him back. I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm damn sure,

I'm getting badly addicted to 'Mason Williams'


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