53: ConFUSED

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Jin's pov

We arrived at the mansion after a long time. It was dead, empty, and soulless. I gulped down the lump forming in my throat. I looked at others to see them looking at the mansion with the same expression as me.

I quickly hurried them to go inside and take a shower and get freshen up as we all were a little weak from those beatings. They also didn't said anything just limped towards the entrance.

Once we step inside, we were greeted by a cold, complete silence, dark mansion. The boys didn't say anything just made their way towards their respective rooms and so did i.

Entering into my dead room, my eyes wandered through and my eyes locked where her diary was kept. I closed the door with a click sound and went towards the diary, in which she wrote everything. Only if we knew everything earlier.

I closed my eyes as my mind recalled the scene of her unconscious state. She was pale, with bruised lips, tangled hairs, purple wrists, half naked. I couldn't imagine what could happen if jimin didn't arrive there at the right time.

I don't expect her to forgive us right away after she wakes up. She have gone through a lot. And when we were supposed to support her, comfort her, give her a shoulder to cry, we did the complete opposite. Even thinking of it made me disgusted of myself.

But it'd be a hard time after she wakes up from her slumber. Thinking of her hating us made my heart clench. But i hope we will be able to fight through it. We have to do it, gain her trust, to show her that we regret, that we r guilty for our work. Hope we will be able to get out of this dark hole soon.

Hoseok pov

I walked towards the room and turned on the lights which was filled with silence. Memories started flooding in my mind, those memories with her. She deserves happiness, she deserves love, she deserves everything but us. 

How much stupid of us could it be.... not understanding her, suspecting such an innocent soul. But we also couldn't forget what happened in our past. We were betrayed, backstabbed and alone. We also had miseries.

But she doesn't deserve it. What is happening to her, she truly doesn't deserve it. She is in this mess just because of us. Even if she forgives us, idk if i will be able to forgive myself. I recalled the fight we had with kai, the ultimate war. It wouldn't be so hard if we weren't badly beaten up.


We all looked right into his eyes after jin hyung went away. We found the fear in those eyes. Yet, he tried to hide these. We had only one thing determined inside our head, and that was- ending everything.

He dared to lay a finger on our loved ones, he dared to hurt them, he dared to mess up with us. Now he has to face the consequences. He has to deal with us now. He was a coward tying us up and beating is with his weaklings. But we'll show him his place.

After our intense staring contest, namjoon decided to break it by stepping one step forward.
So now u coward. Ready?
He said mockingly and we all chuckled darkly.

We saw kai trying to get his gun from his back but before he could, i kicked his hand and the gun flew in the air. I catched the gun and smirked looking at his shocked state. Right now, we all were surrounding that bastard who was gulping hard time to time.

And who wouldn't? We're not the most dangerous mafia for nothing. And no one dared to cross their paths with us, unless they have a death wish. But we know, what made kai do this. What made him dare to fight with us.

Poor him, he has just stepped into the lions cave. And we aren't that kind like that lion to let of our prey. Not after when he did something he shouldn't even think of doing in his dreams. The thought of revenge made him blind and wild. But we also know how to bring him back to senses.

End of flashback

I sighed as i proceed to freshen up. The next thing was simple. We fought, kai was badly beaten up by us, and at tye end, he lost consciousness. The doctor said he had a mental problem.

But our ultimate worry is now soyun. I hope she wakes up soon and we get to see her. She doesn't remember us anymore...but we will try our best to make up our wrongdoings and make new memories.

Namjoon pov

I sighed as i saw kai calm down and fall into his slumber. I know it might be hard for him. I only have to wait for him to come back to his normal state. He needs to know our side of the story. He needs to know where the problem was. He needs to know that he's at the wrong tract. Everyone deserves to know the truth.....

Jungkook pov

We arrived at the hospital after being decent than before, with casual wears. Though we were tired, we didn't care now. The only thing we cared right now was soyun. We all settled down waiting for any news to come.

We saw namjoon hyung coming towards us with a tired look. He didn't even change his clothes and his jackets were a little torn out, which we failed to notice before. Jin hyung walked towards him and kept his one hand on his shoulder reassuring him.

Namjoon-ah, now u go and fresh up. Soyun might wake up any time and u don't want her to see u like this state right?
Jin hyung said forcing a small smile which namjoon hyung replied with a small nod.

Hyung. U don't need to go to the mansion back. I brought some spare clothes for u. U can go fresh up in our nearby hotel. It's not far away.
I suggested him and everyone looked shocked seeing my sincerity. Namjoon hyung patted my head lovingly and went away.

After a while of waiting, we saw namjoon hyung coming back being all fresh. Still, there wasn't any news about soyun. I didn't know when i dodged off from the waitings and tiredness.

Yoongi pov

I looked beside me and saw jungkook dodging off. And soon, he traveled to his dreamland. He's not used to these much. So i let him sleep on my shoulder while there was storm going inside me. I thought of calling him up when any news come up.

After waiting some more 30 minutes, a nurse came making jin hyung and namjoon stand up.
Sir, u can now visit ur patient now. And please, if she's awake, don't do anything that might trigger her or pressurise her. Thank u.
The nurse bowed and left.

Namjoon hyung looked at me and saw jungkook sleeping on me. He gestured me to stay here still with jk but he woke up suddenly and got startled when he saw everyone standing in front of him. He looked like a clueless bunny. We couldn't help but laugh a little at his cuteness.

Good thing u r awake. We can go to visit soyun now...
I said making him widen his eyes and jolt up.
Then what r u waiting for? Let's go!
He said and went forward leaving all of us behind. But suddenly, jackson said something making us halt in our steps. And i think jungkook heard it as well as he also stopped in his tracks.

Do u think she will be happy seeing all of us....? And so together.....?

End of chapter 53

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