Alice going to live at Leo's Mansion-Chapter Seven-

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Alice is bored cause no one chats with her,
Alice's dad and mom go to Alice's room.

Alice can we have to talk Alice's dad said, am sure Alice said.

Will I know sweetie that you're going to get married but earlier Leo called me he wants that to go here and he going to bring you to his house Alice's dad said, wait Leo going here and get me? but so that's mean I never go back here at home that means I going to live there now? Alice said, Yes Alice but he allowed you to go here but you going to live at his house now, I know we going to miss you Alice's mom said.

If that he wants fine I agree but I going back home if he never treats me good Alice said.

Alice's agreed and she ready her Luggage.

Next morning

(At Heiro's House)

Good morning young master Leo your breakfast is here already, am thanks but I'm not going to eat and I need to go right now Leo said.

(At Tong's house)

*Beep Beep* (Leo's car)
Wait Leo is already here! Alice POV, Alice by the way Leo is here just come down now Alice's mom said.

Oh, Leo you here so come in Alice's mom said,
Thanks, Mrs.Tong but where is Alice right now? Leo said, will she going to come down now cause she was in her room Alice's mom said,
Ah ok, I going to wait for her Leo said.

Alice come down, Am hello Mr.Heiro j can't believe you are still here and I know you are waiting for me Alice said.

Yeah I'm already here and by the way, are you almost ready for your luggage I will put it in my car? Leo said, am yeah I'm done putting my things now in my luggage and I'm not kinda ready to go to your house Alice said.

HAHAHA really are you not excited so it's ok if your not, am so can we go now? Leo Said
, Hmm ok, Alice said.

Mom, dad I'm gonna go now and be always take care of yourself I promise I going to visit here Alice said.

Yeah, my dear be take care also Alice's mom and dad said.

Alice and Leo go now.

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