Chapter Fourteen

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Jessica's pov:

I literally stomped into the house wtf happened tonight. I shouldn't have listened to mom and went on this disastrous date i slammed the door shut. I was heading to my room when I saw Nicolas and the kids watching cartoons okay what the heck is going on here, how did he get the keys i know i didn't give him any spares.

" Nicolas how did you get in" i asked him. I obviously couldn't shout at him because the kids were still here.

"Come on babies it's past your bedtime" i said as i carried the both of them to their rooms.

When i came back down i saw Nicolas sitting in the exact place i left him. Has he become a statue or what.

"Nicolas" i called his name


Okay i think he's still a little bit dazed.

" How did you get into my house tonight because i certainly didn't give you any keys you said you were taking the kids to your house right so what happened" i snapped.

"You see Jessie i kinda broke in" he chuckled.

I was this close to losing my cool and he's isn't helping me right now.

" Why would you do that?!!" i snapped.

" I just wanted to wait up for you how was your " date" he's voice dripping with sarcasm when he asked that question.

Oh no he didn't.

"What did you just say???".

"I asked how your date went" he tried to say confidently.

"Look Nicolas we are just co-parenting okay so we're only going to talk about the kids when we're together. Not about us okay" i told him firmly leaving no room for arguments.

"Okay... I'll take my leave now" he said.


"Bye" i replied then shut the door.

At last i can get this awful date out of my head I'll just sleep on it. I checked up on the kids before i went into my room i changed into my pyjamas and fell asleep immediately my head touched the pillow.

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