26. Power

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Baylor POV

Once Drew was able to sit up he left. After that Cam and Ty left to go buy me new locks for both my doors. Currently, I'm in my bedroom sitting on the floor staring at my dresser.

I don't want to open it. I don't want to pick out an outfit to wear. I don't want to sort through black clothes to find what would look best to sit and listen to a stranger talk about my dead mother.

I don't want to pick out her last outfit.

I take a few deep breaths to calm my nerves and I open the drawer.


"Hey Bay. We're done, here are your new keys." Ty says and I nod my head and take the keys.

"Can you tell Cam to come in here please?"

"Yea I'll go get him." He says and walks away. A few minutes later Cam walks in and his eyes shoot towards the bed where I have two outfits laid out. He stays frozen at the door as he stares at them.

"I didn't know which one to use." He finally snaps out of it and looks at me for a moment then back at the clothes and walks towards me.

"I didn't know this is what you've been doing." Gently he holds the fabric in his hands and then sits it back down and turns to me. He wraps me up in a hug and I gratefully wrap my arms back around him.

"Last time I talked to her I called her a worthless piece of shit and told her to get the fuck out." I lift my head off his chest to look up at him.

"That was so long ago Cam. She knows she messed up. Don't let that guilt eat you alive. She loves us and she knows we love her." I try to reassure him.

"Did she?" he asks as he turns back towards the outfits. I stay quiet not having an answer to him.

"I had to pick out sis's dress. You were in a coma and I had to leave the hospital to go through her room. Ty stayed with you and Leah came with me to help me pick something out. That was the first day Leah and I talked to each other. It was hard. I went into her room and I remember her radio still playing. There was a plate of half-eaten strawberries on her nightstand. It destroyed my heart and after taking it all in I went off. I grabbed that plate of strawberries and threw them at the door and just started tearing apart her room. That's when Leah came in and calmed me down. Then she packed everything up in boxes for me and grabbed two outfits and laid them on her bed. Now here we are again." By the time he's done, I have tears rolling. I wrap my arm around his and rest my head on his shoulder.

"I've never said this, but I'm glad you and Leah found each other." I say and he looks down at me.

"Thank you." He says sincerely.

"The outfit on the left feels like mom." I tell him and he nods.

"I thought the same thing."


When I open the door to Cams house, Ashlor comes running to me.

"When are we going home?" She asks as she jumps in my arms and I pull the best smile I can.

"Whenever you want sweetie. I think uncle Cam and auntie Leah probably want their house back, huh?" She giggles and nods her head as she looks behind me to see Cam walking in. She reaches for him and his face lights up with a genuine smile as he grabs her from my arms.

"I love you, Uncle Cam."

"I love you more, Monkey." Cam says as he begins tickling her and she screams and laughs in hysterics.

"Stop! Uncle! Uncle! No!" She screams between laughs and I begin smiling too. A hand wraps around my waist warmly and I turn around to Asher. He turns his attention from Ashlor to me. I can feel the love radiating from him as he smiles in a way I've never seen him do. As if he is in complete serenity.

"I have the most beautiful family anyone could ask for." My heart flutters and I lean in and kiss him softly. I pull back and we both stare into each others eyes for a moment before he wraps his arms around me.

"I'm so glad you're here." I tell him and he rubs my back gently as he continues to hold me.


"Are you sure you want to go home? You can stay for as long as you need to you know that." Cam tells me as I give him a hug bye.

"I know. Do you need me to stay?" I question him with a raise of an eyebrow and he shakes his head.

"Go home. I can handle myself." He says as he ruffles my hair. I glare at him and he laughs and I walk outside where Asher is helping Mia into the car.

"You guys ready?" I ask mostly to Mia but of course Ty answers first.

"Bi-aylor, the queens have been waiting." Mia looks at him and furrows her eyebrows.

"You're a queen too?"

"I sure as hell am, smart one." Ty exclaims proudly and Mia asks him with complete seriousness.

"Does that mean I can be a king?"

"You can be whatever you want."

"Well then I am both so I can make all the rules." at this Ty just smiles as if saying 'my work is done' then he catches me listening to them and gives me a wink and I smile. I love my family.

"Everyone in?" Asher asks and then begins driving us home.

"If you could have one superpower what would it be?" Mia asks the car and Asher answers.

"Super strength. So I could win all my fights."

"Thats a waste, you already have that." Ashlor replies with a roll of her eyes and we laugh.

"I would have healing powers. So I can help people." I tell her with a smiles and she gasps

"Ooh! That's a good one! You would be a good superhero mommy." My heart swells in my chest at how sweet she is.

"I would have the power of compulsion." Ty says and Ashlor looks at him confused.

"Whats compshon?"

"Compulsion is where you can tell someone to do something and they do it. So say someone is being mean to you. I would just look them in the eyes and tell them to be nice and they would start being nice."

"That could cause world peace." She says and Ty and I think about that for a second. I wish adults still thought like this.

"I think that would be my power too then. So we can save the world together."


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