Twenty Eight

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As soon as we opened the door his lips were on mine. I throw my backpack to the ground and stumble back into the wall. I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist, feeling him press into me.

"Brandon isn't around to interrupt this time."

"No he's not." Liam replies breathily.

I pull his lips back to mine, effectively silencing him. My mind races dangerously thinking about all the delicious things we could do.

"I need to shower... mmm. . . practice." Liam says as I kiss his neck.

"Okay." I release him. Liam eyes me suspiciously, but says nothing.

We head upstairs and he pulls his shirt off, going into the bathroom. I lay back on my bed and glance up at the ceiling, thinking about the day. A wicked idea flashes through my mind and I pause, pondering it.

I stand and pull my hair tie out, letting my hair down. The waterfall of the shower tells me he's already gotten in.

Off goes my shirt, skirt, bra, panties. And into the bathroom I go.

"Liam?" I ask first, "Mind if I join?"

"Um" he clears his throat and stares at me through the shower door. "No, not at all."

I step in and take in the sight. His toned chest looks so enticing with the water running down it. His usually messy hair is hanging long and wavy now that it's wet.

And he. . . his. . . Oh my God.

I force my eyes to return to his face, cheeks burning. His own eyes greet me there, a smirk on his smug face.

"Like what you see, Princess?"

"And if I say I do?"

"I'd say the feeling is mutual." His hot gaze travels over my body.

A question hovers in his eyes as he raises his hands to touch me. I nod and sigh as he rests them on my shoulders. Leaning down he captures my lips once more, gently.

I take his washcloth and put soap on it.

"Turn around." I say. Eyes widening he does as I ask. Turning his back to me.

I run the cloth over his shoulder blades, down his arms and back. We're both holding our breath. Gently I go past his scar on his side. His chest, torso, and. . .

He turns abruptly and presses me against the wall. Under the stream of water we kiss passionately and I feel his hands exploring my curves.

This is all so new, something I thought I'd never get to experience. But here we are, here I am. Making out with my boyfriend in the shower. I can cross that off my bucket list.

"Evie," he groans. "I really don't want to fuck you in the shower for the first time."

I blush and nod. Things are getting hot, but I also don't want to lose my virginity in my bathroom.

So I break our embrace and step back a bit. I tell him to bend down and then I start to wash his hair. I massage his head and listen to his breathing calm.

When I finish he clasps my wrists in his hands and looks up at me with desperation and adoration.

"I love you."

* * *

"So, I was thinking maybe you could come to a fight next week." Liam runs his hand through my hair.

We got out of the shower a bit ago and are now fully clothed laying in my bed together.

"Yeah?" I sit up and glance at him. "Are you sure?"

"Definitely. I want to show off for you."

"What does Ash say about it?"

"He doesn't get a say."

"Alright." I laugh, "Don't you have your first lacrosse game the next day though?"

"It'll be alright. Especially if you're there cheering for me at both matches." He offers a boyish grin.

"Sure." I'm skeptical but happy to be shown this part of his life. "We should invite Ollie too, will Sam be fighting?"

"Good idea, yeah we should, if Sam is cool with it."

Downstairs the front door opens and closes, Brandon and Mia are back from dinner. Liam and I ordered doordash a bit ago for ourselves.

Not long after a knock sounds on my door.

"Evie?" Mia asks. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah." I call out, not bothering to move from my cozy spot in Liam's arms. She lets herself in.

"Hi Liam." She says with a bit of disdain. I roll my eyes. Then to me, "We saw Boston and Lauren at the restaurant. They accepted their offers from Syracuse!"

"That's exciting!" I smile and sit up. "I'm sure Brandon will end up going there now too."

"Yes, we talked about that." Her expression sours.

"Cheer up, the fool is head over heels for you for some unknown reason." Liam pokes his head up also.

"Funny, Davis. What do you see in him again, Evie?" She sticks her tongue out at him.

"Enough you two. Let's head upstairs." I laugh.

"Brandon is bringing snacks up." Mia says.


We all settle in on the couches to watch Coraline. Terrifying movie if you ask me. It was a good, quiet night. Just me and my brother (plus our partners) for the first time in a while.

* * *

Hand in hand Ollie and I walk up the steps to his house. I've never been here before, but somehow it's not what I expected.

It has a farmhouse style to it. He'd warned me his mom was a diehard Pinterest mom, but my god it looks like a magazine spread.

And we're still on the porch.

He guides me inside and we take off our shoes.

"Mom, Dad, I'm home!" He yells.

"In the kitchen dear!" A kind woman's voice replies.

We follow the sounds and smells and there in a chefs kitchen is his mom.

"Oh Ollie! Hi baby, how was practice?" She smothers him with a hug. It makes me smile.

"It was great mom. This is Sam Milligan." He gestures to me and clears his throat. "My boyfriend."

"Your boy-Your boyfriend?" Her eyes bug out of her head. She turns to look at me and I squirm on the spot.

I'm too fidgety for scrutiny. I want her to like me, I desperately want her too I realize. I love Ollie and I want his family to like me.

"Um yeah, I'm Sam, nice to meet you Mrs. Duncan." I manage, looking at the floor.

"Oh he's wonderful!" She pounces. I'm pulled into a hug. She suffocates me with her arms and knocks the wind out of me with her fussing. "Look at that hair and those eyes. And so polite and gentle."

I wrap my arms around her carefully and squeeze back. The petite woman is the first to hug me in a very long time. My own mom left when I was just two.

"Yes mom," Ollie shakes his head and offers me a shrug. "I know, I'm his boyfriend."

"Well your Dad is upstairs in his study, but dinner is almost ready, why don't you cut up the bread for me." She says.

I jump to be helpful too.

"You aren't allowed in the kitchen." He gives me a pointed look.

No fair. Its not my fault I'm a disaster when it comes to culinary things.

"Fine," I smile, "can I help set the table Mrs. Duncan?"

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