Hero Killer

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A few days later
Cursed Mouth Hero Agency
8 p.m.
My room

As I'm changing into my hero costume for another patrol, someone knock my door. I then hear Tartaglia's voice.

Tartaglia: Hey, can I come in?

Me: Shake.

I zip my mask as Tartaglia enter my room.

Tartaglia: Looks like you're ready for the patrol.

Me: Shake.

Tartaglia: Well... The thing is...

He then show me his phone. My eyes went wide a little.

A group of Noumus are attacking Hosu.

Tartaglia: Listen. I want you to stay here for your own safety. You're still under training, if you get hurt, it will be a problem. And I don't think Aizawa-sensei will let me go after letting his student join something that out of their league.

Me*thought*: He does have a point...

Me: Shake.

Tartaglia: Well, I'm off.

He get out and close the door.

Me*thought*: Well, I think there is nothing I can do now.

Before I can take off my costume, my phone buzz. I take out my phone and unlock it.

Me*thought*: Message from Deku?

Little Timeskip
Hosu City
Tartaglia POV

Me: Now, now, what the hell are you actually?

I ask to two weird creatures in front of me while walking towards them slowly.

Instead of answering my question, the creatures rush at me. I start to adjust my gloves.

Me: It seems like you can't talk. And I don't even think you guys are humans by the way. So just...

A water spear appear in my right hand. I spin it around my body as the creatures still rushing at me.

Me: Die.

In an instant, I cut their heads. I then split the spear into two creating two small swords.

I stab the heads with my swords to make sure the creatures won't wake up again.

Me: Two down.

???: Tartaglia.

Me: Ah shit. That voice.

I turn around only to see a very tall man with fake flame beard.

Me: Do you need anything, No. 2?

Suddenly he grab my costume.

Endeavor: I want you to come with me to defeat the remaining creatures.

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