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E L L I E   R O S E ~

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E L L I E   R O S E ~

A loud music was playing on the club as people swaying their hips and couples grinding on each other. The smell of alcohol along with the sweat lingered in the air as bodies dancing to the loud music. Couples making out against the wall while some are drinking. I can see Melanie already making out with a hot guy, shoving each other tongue down their throat while Emily dancing with some random hot guys, she seemed to be having fun.

And here I'm, standing leaning against the bar watching Everybody else having their time. They're really in mood. I chuckled to myself, taking a sip of my drink. I threw my head back, downing last shot of my drink and began to move my hips with the rhythm of the music.

"Ehi bella, vuoi divertirti un po'?" A deep voice echoed in my ear from behind as a hands landed on my waist. I jumped at the sudden scare and before I could speak, his lips placing butterfly kisses down on my shoulder. "S-stop" I tried to move away from him but he was strong enough. (Hey beautiful, wanna have some fun?) I somehow managed to moved away from him but he grabbed my waist with smirk.

"non hai sentito cosa ha appena detto?" A deep and sexy familiar voice said. I looked up to see a angry Mason walking up  towards us. (Didn't you heard, what she just said?)

"Chi sei?" That man asked as Mason was now standing in front of us. Mason grabbed my waist and yank me towards his hard chest giving death glared at that man. I glanced up at him to see his jaw clenched. (Who are you?)

"ti ammazzo, cazzo" Mason grunted before throwing a hard punch on his face causing my eyes to grow widened. That man groaned and Mason threw another punch on his face. (I'm going to fucking kill you)

He's really going to kill him.

"M-Mason- stop!" I grabbed into his arm and He looked down at me as I shook my head. His jaw clenched as he glanced back at the man. "Touch her again and you'll sign your death sentence" Mason warned.

Who the fuck are you?!" That man yelled. By now few people were staring at us, muttering things. "Mason Williams" he smirked at that man. "Mr W-williams, I'm-" but he cut off by Mason.

"Get the fuck out from my sight before I shoved my fist down your throat" Mason threatened and that man run away from there, vanishing in the crowd. Mason instantly gently cupped my face, pressing his lips against mine.

As soon as his lips touched mine, I felt the butterflies in my stomach.

"Are you okay, bella?" He asked. His eyebrows coming together as he gently cupped my face. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and nodded my head. I bite down on my lip glancing at his lips. The smell of his cologne turned me on as I lean closer to his lips and pressed my lips against his. Mason instantly kissed me back wrapping his strong arms around me pulling me in a hugged.

"Anything could happened to you, bella" he muttered.

I know, he's really piss off right. His voice filled with anger.

"I'm sorry" I Whispered. His jaw clenched and he lift his head so that my eyes could meet his anger one. I gulped knowing that I've messed up. He was looking so piss off right now. He didn't said anything as he wrapped his leather jacket around my body and kissed the top of my head.

"Let's get you home" He sighed lifting me up in the bridal style carrying me out from the club. He sat me down inside his gorgeous black car and close the door. I Watched as he walked to his side and get into the car. I took a deep breathe when he speed off the car. His jaw cleanched and his grip on the wheel tightened as his eyes focused on the road. Why do I always need to pissed him off?

"I just wanted to-" but he cut me off.

"Shut the hell up, Ellie" he said not taking his eyes off the road causing me to flinch. He just called me by my name and that means he's really piss off. I look down playing with the hem of my dress.

"Anything could happened to you if I wouldn't have got there in time, you're almost drunk and-"

"I know, I'm rea-"

"Don't fucking interrupted me" he snapped at me with clenched jaw. I looked down playing with the hem of my dress. It was silent in the car. I didn't wanted to make him more piss off than he's already, so I decided to stay silent. Mason stopped the car in front of a Beautiful mansion and get out from the car. He walked to my side.

"I can-" but I cut off as he grabbed my waist and thrown me over his broad shoulder, carrying me inside the mansion. I  felt as my cheeks getting pink.

He carried me upstairs inside a large bedroom shutting the door close by his foot and throwing me over the bed. This room interiors were breathtaking. How much rich is he? Wait- who am I kidding? He's Mason Williams. He lean down to kiss me, roughly and pull back to looked into my eyes.

"You're not going to able to walk for days after tonight" he smirked causing my eyes to grow widened.

"But I-"

"You've 10 seconds. I want you naked on the bed" that's all he said before sitting down on the couch loosening his tie causing me to gulped.

I'm so in trouble.


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