Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

“You shouldn’t be here.”

I moved my hand away and look up from where I sat on the cold floor, still with tears coming out of my eyes. I saw Fay sitting up from her bed, glaring at me.

“Fay!” Charlie and Elder James called out to her.

“You don’t belong here.” She said ignoring those two.

I look at her before looking at Mike and Jeffery who dare not say anything. I look back at her as she glared even more at me.

“It’s your fault, Duke and I are here. It’s all your fault.” She shouted at me.

I felt my hand hold Duke’s hand tighter. In a time of weakness, all her insults were like cold knives. Every word she said, she shot a dagger into my body. I no longer felt anything.

“That’s nonsense. Miss Valentine, don’t listen to her.” Elder James said to me from above.

“Miss Valentine that, Miss Valentine this. Oh, won’t you just put a sock in it, you old man.” She said causing Bertha to gasp.

“Why you young lady-” Bertha began

“Oh shut up, you old hag. No one wants to listen to you and your old boyfriend here. Especially her.” Fay said pointing at me.

“You. You think you’re all so mighty and good. Well, you’re wrong. You don’t have the right to even be in the same room as us. You may seem powerful to the Elders but to me, you’re just a tiny weeny ant that should be crushed for stinging me all the time.” Fay said at me.

I watched as she poured out all her hatred for me. I could never get anyone to like me. There was always someone that hated me.

“You are in front of 3 gods and a goddess, and yet you don’t show respect. You don’t have the right to cry over Duke like that. You shouldn’t have any rights at all. You, selfish, despicable being. You judge us but now it’s our time to judge you.”

“Duke… please..” I whispered to myself, hoping he would wake up for me.

“Look at you, on the floor. That’s where you belong. You don’t belong anywhere nor fit in. I see you in school. You don’t fit in anywhere. People avoid you, maybe because of your ugly face or personality.” She shouted.

“Please… Duke wake up… Save me...” I whispered I wanted him to save me.

“Oh stop mumbling to yourself, you crazy witch. You shouldn’t even be touching Duke’s hand. His hand is too rich for a poor sod like you. Just get out of here, you beggar.” She said gesturing her hand towards the door.

No one dared to do anything or say anything. No one dared to save me.

I slowly got up from the floor. Fay was looking at me with a smirk plastered on her face. Charlie went to help me up, but I used my hand to wave him off.

I look at the monster of an Elemental in front of me. How could someone be so evil inside? How could someone who has the power to help others decide to abuse their powers? How could someone ever think themselves as a god?

I felt my anger and sadness start to build up.

“You too.,” I said.

“What?” She said looking at with, her smirk no longer on her face.

“You too, are a poor sod. You too, are a crazy witch.” I said.

“What did you say!” She shouted at me.

“You have no consideration for others. You said I was selfish, well take a good look in the mirror, Fay. Look at the monster you have become. You don’t want to help or even care about other people. I don’t know why but that’s selfish. You think that you are a goddess when you are actually an ant like me.” I said back.

“Why you!” She shouted trying to get out off her bed, but Mike restrained her.

“You say, I’m ugly. You say, I have no rights. You say a lot of things, but they aren’t true.” I looked at her with confidence now.

“Let me have her!” She thrashed in Mike’s arms.

“You called me despicable when you are the one. You say a lot of stuff that you shouldn't say to people. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. You act as if you are someone to be respected, but I’m sorry to say this. How can you expect someone to respect you when you don’t respect others and yourself.”

“Shut up!” She shouted sending a dead glare.

“I have said before you shouldn’t be an Elemental and you know I’m right. You don’t want these powers and you don’t want anyone else having them. You idolise Duke for his powers.” I said.

“How did yo-” She stared at me with wide eyes

“You think that Duke is the most powerful being on earth don’t you. You think that if you stay by his side and act like him that you can be equally as powerful but Duke doesn’t want to act the why he does. He never wanted that.” I said.

“Don’t talk as if you know Duke!” She said.

“I do. I’ve known him since he came here. I know what he likes, I know what he hates. I know a lot of about him that you probably don’t know.” I said before letting go of his hand.

She looking at me with so much hatred that she grabbed the glass from the side table and throw it at me. She looked at me with so much evil in her eyes. She wanted to hurt me. Badly.

Sadly for her, I stopped the glass. It floated in the air just in front of me. Fay looked at Jeffery.

“Why did you stopped it?” She asked him.

“I didn’t,” Jeffery said holding his hands up.

“Don’t lie!” She shouted at him.

“I did,” I said causing her to look at me.

She started to laugh menacingly causing everyone to flinched.

“You! You an ugly looking girl who knows nothing, stop that. Oh, that’s funny” She laughed.

Blue flames started to appear on the floor near her bed. Mike jumped away from the flames. The temperature of the room turned from warm to chilling cold. The ground under her bed started to shake causing her to fall back on the bed.

“You think this is funny now?” I asked.

“Jeffery! Mike! Why are you helping this bitch?” She shouted.

“We aren’t!” They shouted.

“They aren’t doing anything,” I said.

“And you are doing all these things?” She looking at with an expression as if I was kidding.

Lightning flashed in front of her causing her to jump back in fear.

“I am because, unfortunately, I too am an Elemental. You aren't the only so-called goddess around here. Fay.” I said before walking out of the room.

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