At Leo's Mansion -Chapter Eight-

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(At Leo's House)

Now we're here now Leo said, Alice and Leo go out in the car, Wow, your house is so big and cool Alice said.

Did you really like my house Alice? Leo said, Am... yeah i like it Alice said.

Leo take tours Alice in his house.

Well this is my room and if you want to sleep here your allow Leo said, what?what kind are you talking about your really jerk Leo I can't sleep with you Alice said.

HAHAHA! really you won't sleep beside me hahaha why are you scared? Leo said,
why I should to scared to you I'm not Alice said.

3 minutes later

(Leo's Kitchen)

Hmm I'm hungry right now what I should I eat? Wait what if I going cook my own food I'm so hungry right now Alice said,
Am miss Alice what are you doing here?  Maid#3 said, will I going to make Carbonara Pasta Alice said, ah ok miss Alice and young master Leo want you to talk to you later maid#3 said.

Alice already done making Carbonara pasta.

Hmmm is smell good and so yummy, hmm what if I going to try this to Leo if he likes my Carbonara pasta.

(Leo's Office room)

*Knock knock* am Leo, am excuse me? will I going have to gave it to you if you going like this Carbonara pasta that I made Alice said,
oh you made that, will sure I going to try it Leo said.

Leo tried Alice Carbonara pasta she made and he also like it.

Hmm I like it I can't believe your good at cooking huh Leo said, hehehe thanks Leo that you like it Alice said and also Alice ate her pasta too.

At Evening

(Guest room)

Finally I'm now in bed, Leo is not a bad man but his so pervert only his kind as well and gentle Alice POV, I really like this bed is so comfortable for me and now I going to sleep now cause I'm tired.

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