the talk

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Your pov

I woke up and felt something soft I looked up and saw I was laying my head on Gamo's stomach. I blushed and immediately got up. My brain was going 100 miles an hour untill.

Gamo: hey, are you ok (y/n)?

Me: AH!... o-oh, I um... Yeah...

Gamo then leans over to me and puts her hand on my shoulder

Gamo: I know that's not true... How about... We go talk about it at the cafe near my house.

Me: I... That would be nice.

She nods and grabs my hand. We walk out of the school and as we do, I notice how pretty she is. I never got a clear look at her before because she was either teasing me or somewhere else.

We were walking for about 10 minutes until we reached our destination. We walked inside and ordered. We both got mocha frappuccino. We sat down waiting for our order.

Gamo looked at me seriously and asked me the question.

Gamo: what happened before I got to the music room?

I was hesitant but I started talking.

Me: it... It was a normal day, nagatoro toying with me and me practicing guitar.

Gamo: I still don't see the reason you still practice playing it. You're already extremely good, almost as good as pros.

Me: um... Thanks... Anyways, I was just practicing untill nagatoro. Said... I should rot in a hole. I think it's  because I wasn't reacting to her teasing and she wanted a reaction out of me.

Gamo looked shocked at this. I was tearing up a bit but I kept going.

Me: she then said I was useless and couldn't do anything on my own. She said I should rot in a hole again, but then said the world would be better off if I was dead.

I was crying at this point and Gamo looked like she wanted to kill someone.

Me: and... I'm starting to think, maybe I am useless, maybe I should just die. Everyone seems to think that anyway.

Gamo then sat up from her side of the booth and then came over to me... And hugged me.

Gamo: I'm sorry (y/n)... I'm sorry I couldn't see this sooner. We're supposed to be friends, but I couldn't even see that you were in pain. Im so sorry.

I hugged her. Shes blaming herself for something she had no action in or say in.

Me: it isn't your fault Gamo. You had nothing to do with this, please don't blame yourself. I don't like seeing you like this.

Gamo hugged me tighter and I just stroked her hair.

Gamo: Maki.

Me: what?

Gamo: call me Maki.

Me: u-um ok... Maki.

Maki: there you go.

She sat back up but stayed seated beside me. Once are drinks were done we walked out and we decide to go to her house.

When we got there we played some video games like halo and Minecraft. She is surprisingly good at building in MC.




It was night time. I was about to leave untill Maki grabbed my arm.

Me: Maki I have too go.

Maki: no, you're staying here whether you like it or not.

I was flustered at her statement but reluctantly agreed. She dragged me to her bed where she then got in and snuggled into my chest. I was red as a tomato to say the least.

After a bit I just decided to fall asleep. All I heard when I was drifting off was this.

Maki: (y/n)...

Then I was asleep.

Chapter end

Sry for the short chapter again (• ▽ •;)

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