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E L L I E   R O S E ~

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E L L I E   R O S E ~

I woke up next morning to the bright sunshine and a cold bed. I sat up and hissed as I felt a sharp pain between my legs. God. How can Someone have so much energy in them? As I said before, Mason has that horse stamina. He didn't gave me even time to take rest as he kept going for round and round. I don't know how many rounds we'd last night but I'm sure it was more than four. I did my hair into messy bun and that's when the bathroom door got opened revealing Mason with a towel tightly wrapped around his waist while his hair dropped water off of the tips of each strands.

Holy Moly- This man is way too hot.

I couldn't helped but stared at him as he walked up to me with a devilish sexy Smirk playing on his handsome face and leaned down to kiss me.

"Are you done checking me out?" He asked causing my cheeks to turned pink. He let out a deep beautiful chuckle and kiss my cheek. "G-Good morning" I let out a moan as he kiss down my neck, my hand locked into his wet hair as he gently bit down on my skin than suck on it.

"I-I've w-work" I said as he let out a hum and lick my sweet spot causing me to moan. "I'm gonna drive you there" he replied and kiss my ear. I clenched my thighs as I felt myself getting wet again causing him to smirk. He peck my lips than kiss my forehead.

"I've already bought you clothes, put that on and get ready" he said pulling away from me and I sighed as I lose the warmth of his body. I watched as he made his way towards the closet. His back flexed with his each movement. I couldn't helped but admired the tattoos on his back and felt my cheeks heated up.

I bite down on my lip, smiling and went into the bathroom with the bed sheet wrapped around my body. I turned on the shower, letting warm water run down my body. After finishing shower, I turned off the shower and stand in front of the mirror wrapping the towel around my body. That's when my eyes stopped on my neck. There's hickey. My eyes grow widened. Are you serious?!

Mason- I'm not going to spare him.

I walked out from the bathroom to see him putting on his leather jacket. Although he's looking so hot- Ellie stop!

"Mason, Are you serious right now??" I asked glaring at him as he turned around to face me.

"What?" He innocently asked causing me to roll my eyes.

"What is this?" I asked moving closer to him and showing him the hickey.

He smirked.

"It's the proof that you're mine" he answered brushing my hair strands from my face and I narrowed my eyes at him. He can't be serious! If mom saw it than I'm death.

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