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- The next day -

7:27 am
Taehyung's P.O.V
As I finished getting ready for work, I sighed as I had the difficult task of waking my son up, he's not exactly a morning person but we make it work.

As I went towards his bedroom, I heard him talking, it be an imaginary friend or something, but I stopped at the doorway when I heard him say this,

"If it's not too much to ask for... I want an Eomma for me and my Appa because.. even if my Appa says that he only needs me in his life.. I know he's lying. I can see it in his eyes.. he wants someone else too.. but he doesn't find anyone... because of me."

I bit my tongue and looked at the ground hard in thought as I continued to listen to what Taeyung was saying;

"Miss A-- I.. I mean.. Appa's.. old friend.. used to take care of me and I liked her at first but then Appa told me the real reason she was leaving us and I was mad at him for sending her away but now I know why he did that..."

His voice softens near the end and I lean against the door, only to hear him whisper;

"She only wanted to stay with him.. to stay with us.. for his money.."

I bit my lip as my fist was clenching and unclenching but I don't interrupt him, instead I let out a sigh and quickly walk away towards the kitchen. I can't listen to this anymore.

And just as I'm calming down or trying too, I hear my phone ring and I groan as I contemplate on answering it.

Not bothering to check who's even calling, I answer and say coldly;

"What do you want?"

Yn's P.O.V
As I get off the bus and start walking towards Taehyung's house, I decided to call him to let him know that I'm on my way and just as I dialed his number, he answered after it rang a while.. but just as I'm about to say hello, I get greeted by;

"What do you want?"

I frown but shrug it off as he's probably busy or stressed out or something, and I calmly say;

"Good morning to you as well, Mr. Kim. I just wanted to let you know that I'm almost at your house-"

"And why are you coming to my house?"

"B-Because it's in the rules you gave me Sir."

I say in the same calm tone even though I seriously wanted to punch him for making me wake up so early.

"Very well then, we need to talk either way so I'll leave door open for you."

And with that, he hangs up.

Wow, talk about rude.

I sighed but shrugged the whole thing off again as I eventually make it to his house and walk inside,

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