the promise

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Your pov

I wake up and notice that Maki is on top of me, so I lay her to the side and get out of the bed.

I go down stairs and turn on the TV, while that's on in the background I think to my self (what a wonderful world).

(y/n): 'i wonder why she's doing all of this for me, and why she seems so close all of a sudden. A couple days ago she was trying to catch me being perv-y. I'll ask her later.'

After a bit she comes down and grabs a can of "Dr. Salt" and then sat down next to me.

Maki: hey

(y/n): h-hey... I wanted to ask you something.

Maki: yeah, what is it?

(y/n): why are you helping me and being this nice to me.

I looked at her and she started blushing and waving her free hand around.

Maki: w-well, I mean, we're friends! That's what friends do right!? Help each other out, y'know! It isn't anything more, just friends, hahaha!

(y/n): oh, ok.

When she calmed down we just watch some "quest-o-clock" and then decided to do something fun because it's a Saturday.

We agreed that we'd go to the arcade and play some games then go to the movies to see the new "defenders: endless battle", good movie, ended on a huge cliff hanger, Maki hasn't seen it yet so I decided why not.
We got into the arcade and we immediately went to "road battles" we then tried an arcade version of "war frogs". We then ended it off with air hockey.

Time skip to after the movie

While we were walking out of the Cinema she asked it we could talk. We walked to an enclosed area and then we started talking.

(y/n): so what did you want to talk about?

Maki:... (y/n), are you ok?

(y/n): what do you mean?

Maki: you look tired, messy, and just... Depressed

I started to sweat a little, truth be told ever since middle school I have had depression but recently, in the past few weeks, it has gotten worse. Last month was the closest I've ever come to commiting suicide. But I can't tell her that, she wouldn't be my friend anymore.

(y/n): I-im fine.

Maki: (y/n), we both know that isn't true.

(y/n): just... Please, stop, I'm fine

Maki: please (y/n), I want to help you.

(y/n): I said I'm fine, please drop it Maki.

Maki: I can't and I won't, you're my friend and I can't let you keep these types of secrets away from me.

(y/n):... Fine

I decide to roll up my sleeve. Once I roll it up you can see it's riddled with scars from what seems to be a sharp objects.

I see her crying and I look away.

(y/n): ever since middle school I've had depression, but I started cutting in first year of high school. I don't know why but I keep doing it. If you don't want to be my friend that's ok.

I wait for her to say she doesn't want to be friends but I don't hear it all I hear is

Maki: can you promise me something?

(y/n): y-yes.

Maki: please... Don't do this, I just can't stand seeing you like this.

I knew it was a hard promise to keep but I promised anyways

(y/n): I promise.

Maki: say the full thing.

(y/n): I promise to never harm myself in anyway.

She smiled then hugged me.

Maki: you wanna stay at my house again?

(y/n):... I'd like that.

Chapter fin

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